Donations for Steve Urgent Medical Expenses 

Steve has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Smoker’s lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma). We are seeking Donations to help with medical cost. Click here to read more.

Steve’s Medical Updates

Chick here to keep track of how Steve is doing and the blessings your donations are providing.

Expressions of Emmanuel is a Christian Deaf ministry organization that strives to bring the Word of God to the Deaf community. There are approximately 250 million Deaf people in the world. Only two percent of the world’s Deaf population are Christians. Our mission is to take action to reach the Deaf population with the Word of God. We do this in three ways:

  • Video projects – Praise and worship songs, Bible lessons and devotionals in sign language.
  • Outreach – Visiting individuals or groups of Deaf people in Deaf/hearing camps, churches and Vacation Bible Schools.
  • Writing Projects – Writing and targeting Christian lessons, stories and movies towards the Deaf community.

We thank you for your time in interest in Expressions of Emmanuel. Prayerfully consider us for your next fellowship retreat or church outing and services.

Latest News

ABC Jesus: Q

Qualified!: Jesus is the only one who was qualified (able/ skilled for the job) of forgiving everyone from sin!1 Timothy 2:5 “There is one God and one mediator so that human beings can reach God. That way is through Christ Jesus, who is Himself...

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ABC Jesus: P

Potter!:  God wants to make/ mold our lives in beautiful ways! We must be willing to let God/ Jesus mold us to do what He wants in service to God!  It is a joy to do what God wants ! Give your life to Jesus to let Him mold you today! Romans 9:21 “ The potter can make...

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Covered by the Blood

The blood of Jesus was shed (given for us)for every sin of the world. When we confess our sins and let Jesus clean our hearts with His blood, then are sins are covered and forgiven! Colossians 1:20  "And through Christ, God has brought all things to Himself again,...

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