Expressions of Emmanuel
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Here's a handy prayer card to help you remember to pray for our family and our mission work. Just print it out, fold in half horizontally, and stand it where you'll see it regularly. Thank you for praying for us and with us!
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Steven and Vonda Hamilton,
Expressions of Emmanuel

Welcome to Expressions of Emmanuel!

Emmanuel! God is with us! God expresses His love to us in the Bible! We want to share His word and the truth that He is with us! We use our facial expressions, mime, and American Sign Language to share that truth! We want our hearts to overflow with God's compassion, with expressions of LOVE! Please pray, give, and serve with EOE. I believe that as we pray, give, and serve together we will see even greater things. God will be with us!

Deuteronomy 3:22 says, "Do not be afraid of them: the Lord your God Himself will fight for you!"

Our prayer is that deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people everywhere will realize that God loves them! God is with us! Please look at our website. You will find DVD resources that you can order, newsletters, links to our youtube channel (expressionsemmanuel), our calendar, EOE promotional materials, and more info.

May God Bless us all as we seek to know Him better and serve Him in 2015. Our goal and challenge to you is "Use your Gifting in 2015!"

Love in Jesus,
Steven and Vonda Hamilton
Selah, and Cloudi
Expressions of Emmanuel

Keeping our eyes open to serve our Lord,
Ready to share the Bible- the double-edged sword.
Keeping our eyes on Jesus alone
Only in Jesus can we find strength
And Jesus alone can sins forgive.
Not looking to Satan to the left or right!
Not walking forward in fear and fright,
Eyes straight ahead on Jesus,
Trusting Him this new year.

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Why we're here:

There are approximately 250 million deaf people in the world. If all the deaf people that lived on earth were put together in one place, they would be the fourth largest nation. Only one to two percent of all deaf people are Christians. Deaf people are surely an un-reached group. Helen Keller who was both blind and deaf said “Blindness separates people from things, deafness separates people from people.” Does deafness separate people from God? These statistics show the church MUST take serious action to reach those who cannot hear of Him. This is our outreach.

Imagine yourself without the ability to hear, unable to hear the whispers of your child saying, “I love you daddy”, unable to communicate with a salesperson, unable to hear a minister’s magnificent sermon, or just not able to hear your favorite songs, you know the ones that inspire your life as you grow. That’s why we want to help reach the deaf for Christ. We do this in three ways:

Video projects, sign language of praise and worship songs, bible lessons and devotionals.

Out reach, visiting individuals or groups of deaf people, deaf/hearing camps, churches and VBS

Writing projects, writing Christian lessons, stories and movies geared toward the deaf

Who are we? We are missionaries with Expressions of Emmanuel. We are a Christian church mission, under the auspices of Hillcrest Christian Church. We use the non profit status of the Hillcrest Christian church, and are under the financial and spiritual leadership of this church. Hillcrest receives our mission gifts, accounts for and handles the finances. Steven and Vonda Hamilton are the missionaries. I have been a full time missionary since 1988. My husband joined me in this mission work in 2006. He is an extremely talented videographer. He has worked as a videographer/producer for television stations and advertising agencies for over fifteen years. He has also written, directed, and produced his own short films. He is a marvelous writer. He has wanted to be a full time missionary for many years and now his dream is being actualized. In November of 2005, he traveled to Sudan, Africa on mission work. He is a humble, sensitive, talented servant of Jesus.

Our mission vision and projects surely are cutting edge. There are very few who are attempting any Christian video works with the deaf. Our “on location” songs, lessons, and devotionals are almost non existent. Extremely visual Bible lessons for children and adults are also very few and far between. The proclamation of the Gospel via video is needed, since there are masses to reach, this is a mass media way to reach this un-reached people group. But we also touch many lives with our live outreach programs. God has blessed me to share with “kids” of all ages. Many have remarked that they find joy and encouragement in my presentations. My husband calls it a cross between the visual antics of Charlie Chaplin and the charisma of Lucille Ball, but with a strong Christian message. Deaf people need strong visuals.

We thank you for your time and interest in Expressions of Emmanuel. Prayerfully consider us for your next; church outing, workshops, women’s tea & retreats, mission banquet dinners, camps, Vacation Bible School, Sunday school and services.

God bless you, Steven & Vonda Hamilton