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Wow, I like to do laundry! I really don’t like for dirty clothes to pile up! I love to wash them and make them clean! But sometimes clothing can get really bad stains, and it is hard to remove the stain! Different laundry soaps and stain removers are proud that their product removes stains! It is exciting to see a stain come out of a piece of clothing! I hate it when a new piece of clothing gets a stubborn stain! The stains and pains from our sins are terrible. Sin can really make you feel guilty! What can you do to feel better and have peace. How can you be forgiven and have your heart change to follow God? Only the blood of Jesus gives us forgiveness! Jesus gave His blood on the cross so that we can have clean hearts, forgiveness, and peace with God! I enjoy clean laundry, but hearts clean from sin….. WOW is the best! The Bible says in 1 John 1:7:

” But if we live in the light, as God is in the light, we can share fellowship with each other. Then the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, cleanses us from every sin.” Praise God for the powerful blood of Jesus! Enjoy praising God for His gift with the song, “Oh, the blood of Jesus”. Holy hugs!

Don’t Copy Chameleon

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God made chameleons to change their color to match the environment around them. It is so amazing how God has made chameleons, but God does not want Christians to spiritually just blend in and act sinful like the ways of the world. God wants His people to be different than the world. Romans 12: 2 says

” Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect. ” Christians need to love all people but choose to obey God even if it is not POPULAR to obey God! Pleasing God and following HIM looks different than the ways of world! Today, I met a young man at a restaurant who was wearing bright GOLD, people NOTICED him! WE want Jesus to shine so much in our lives that people SEE JESUS in us! Enjoy this short devotional, Don’t Copy the Chameleon! Holy Hugs!

Not So Far

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All around the world, people need Jesus! Whether people have great wealth or if they are very poor, we all have the same need for Jesus!  Going far to share Jesus is great, but remember that also your neighbors and people not far from your house need Jesus too, helps us follow Jesus’ command to go into ALL the world and share Jesus!  Matthew 28:19-20 is the passage called the Great Commission where Jesus commands us to go! Jesus said,

19″ So go and make followers of all people in the world. Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20 Teach them to obey everything that I have taught you, and I will be with you always, even until the end of this age.” Care for the people far away, but also the people near you too! Enjoy this DVD clip of Branded’s song,  Not so Far.  Holy Hugs!

Dead Sea

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I had Wilbur Fields as my Bible college professor for Biblical Archaeology and Old Testament classes. I would often be tired for my Biblical Archaeology right after lunch class. Wilbur Fields was one amazing teacher! During the time, I had my Bible Lands class, I was having some personal challenges, so I did not do my very best in that class. I did learn a lot. One of the things that I will always remember is about the Dead Sea! In 2010, I was able to go to Israel and Jordan to do videos. We are so excited that very soon that our Israel DVDs will be released. Here are a couple of photos from my time in the Dead Sea! Enjoy this fun little lesson about the Dead Sea! Enjoy these crazy photos. My husband says that there is still beauty in that mud! LOL! Lets live to receive Gods blessings, but also to serve and give to others and be FULLY alive! Holy hugs!


New Walk

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Here is another sweet and yet funny song that was taped in Honey Grove, Texas! ( The Sweetest Little Town in Texas)  I am a terrible dancer, so I know that when I get to heaven… my feet will be skilled to dance for the Lord! But now I still know how to have fun praising God!  This fun song talks about when we accept Jesus, we get a new walk, a new way of living! We repent (change our hearts) and obey Jesus and HE gives us JOY! Leaving our stinky outhouse “toilet” sins is great! What a joy to follow Jesus! When we taping this song, I remember praying and God prompting my heart to just HAVE FUN praising Him! So I challenge you today to enjoy this song by Branded and just ENJOY living for the Lord! Holy Hugs! Enjoy 1 Peter 3:8-12

8 Finally, all of you should be in agreement, understanding each other, loving each other as family, being kind and humble. 9 Do not do wrong to repay a wrong, and do not insult to repay an insult. But repay with a blessing, because you yourselves were called to do this so that you might receive a blessing. 10 The Scripture says, person must do these things to enjoy life and have many happy days. He must not say evil things, and he must not tell lies11 He must stop doing evil and do good. He must look for peace and work for it. 12 The Lord sees the good people and listens to their prayers. But the Lord is against those who do evil.” Psalm 34:12–16

Cheerfulness is Good Medicine

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Wow!  Vitamins or supplements really help different challenges with the body! Because Steve and I both have had struggles with cancer, we had to find out which supplements and vitamins would help us with our problems.

We have had so many supplements, we look like a vitamin store!! We still use these natural supplements to help our health. Sometimes doctors give special medicines that help problems! We are thankful for good vitamins, supplements, and medicines that help the body, but the best medicine is a happy, joyful, cheerful heart! How can we have that joy? We get our joy from Jesus, knowing that it doesn’t matter how dark, sad, or tough the situation, that Jesus will help us!  The Bible tells us the truth in Proverbs 17:22.

”  A  happy heart is like good medicine, but a broken spirit drains your strength.”

Be Willing To Give Yourself

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One little boy went to church. He did not have any money, but when the offering plate was passed, the little boy set it on the floor and stood in the offering plate. This little boy was saying “Jesus, I give you myself!”
This is a popular story told in many churches. Who was that little boy? Where did he live? I do not know, but the idea is great for all of us! We need to give our lives, our thoughts, actions, money, work, feelings… everything we have to Jesus!
Romans 12:1-2 “So brothers and sisters, since God has shown us great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to him, which is the spiritual way for you to worship. Do not be shaped by this world; instead, be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.”
Someone once said when talking about Romans 12: 1-2, that the ONLY problem with a living sacrifice is that it continues to want to crawl off the altar! Because we are ALIVE, God gives us choices! Every day, every moment, we can choose to serve God or not serve God! So let’s be a living sacrifice that continues to choose to give our lives to God! Enjoy this short DVD clip and remember to give yourself to God! Holy Hugs!


This song was videotaped in Ector, Texas. Ector is where my sisters family has lived for years. Ector is where all three of my children did at least part of their education. We love the sweet Texas country town of Ector.
Many years ago, my sister, Vurlenda, introduced me to her friend, Judy Glaser. Judy shared testimonies and songs of Gods power. Both Vurlenda and Judy loved to sing praises to the Lord. Both are now in heaven with their King Jesus! I remember Judy sharing a song with me called “Miracles still happen!” That song was very encouraging to me! When we were looking for a place to videotape the song, ” I Just Want to Praise You” by Branded, we wanted a simple but sweet background. There was one pretty wall that stood by itself near Judy’s home in Ector. Judy gave me permission to sign the song there. Vurlenda and Judy have completed their worship on earth. We need to worship the Lord and make that our most important goal that in everything we do, singing or living, that we praise the Lord. It is our turn to praise Him!

Psalm 115:16-18

16 “Heaven
belongs to the
but he
gave the earth to people.

17 Dead
people do not praise the
in the grave are silent.

18 But
we will praise the
now and

Praise the Lord!”

Be Bold

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This short video clip shares my favorite verse, 2 Timothy 1:7! Why do I love this verse so much? Because I only want to receive gifts from God! Nothing else! I don’t want treats ( which are really tricks) from the devil! Another reason that I love this verse so much is because I can easily become afraid or fearful so I need to remember that God does not want me to be scared, but God wants me to be BOLD! Why Lion 🦁 photos? Well in 1989 when I went on a Kenyan mission trip, we had the opportunity to see these lions in the wild bush. These lions were not fearful, but as you can see in the photos. , they bravely ate their meals. Our God, The Lion of Judah is brave and God calls us to be brave! Jesus is the King of Kings, and HE is bold as a lion and yet he is the perfect sacrifice, the sweet Lamb of God! God wants us to be bold, sweet, loving, & serving. Do you ever feel afraid, fearful, or scared? Remember these verses! Be like the 🦁 lion! Proverbs 28:1 “ Evil people run even though no one is chasing them, but the righteous people of God are as brave and bold as a lion.” Lovingly ROAR with Jesus in all that you do! Be bold! Be brave! Holy hugs!


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Nehemiah 8:10 b says ” Don’t be sad, for the joy of the Lord is strength!” Selah Joy Burnett Massey, Cloudi Berea Bland, and I enjoyed sharing this children’s song, “Joy”. This song was taped at the home Wayne and Karen Heimer in Fairbanks, AK. We love the church there in Fairbanks and their love for the Jesus and the Church worldwide! COLD weather does not stop the warm hearts of His people! Why can a Christian be strong? The JOY Of the Lord is our strength! Enjoy this fun children’s song! Look for the special guest, “Dolly” with the bright red lips! LOL! Holy Hugs!

Slave Girl

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Acts 16:16-19 tells the story of a slave girl who was set free from bondage to the devil. Hearing and Deaf people both need to know Jesus love! We need to share the Good News that Jesus saves! Enjoy this short video from our Expressions of Emmanuel Vacation Bible school DVD, Faces of Forgiveness, telling the story of this slave girl. Selah Joy Burnett Massey acts out the part of the slave girl! Let’s celebrate the love and of Jesus and share His love! Holy Hugs!

I love to tell the story

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Cloudi Berea Bland, Selah Joy Burnett, and I all enjoyed singing this song in Alaska near a precious Church in Palmer, AK. At the beginning of the song we tried fun and a make it look like the famous painting called ” The American Gothic”. Steve used black and white and turned it into color because that is how Jesus works in our life. Jesus changes us our black and white lives to bright living color! When we know and love Jesus, our lives are changed and we want to share the wonderful love of Jesus! Matthew 18:18-20 ” Then Jesus came to them and said, “I have been given all authority in heaven and earth. So go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands that I have given you. Be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Jesus commands us to go and tell the story of Jesus and the salvation that He gives! Enjoy this children’s song of joy and dancing! Let’s share the Gospel, The Good News of Jesus’ love! Holy Hugs!
Continue trusting Jesus! Never give up! Holy Hugs!

Livers and Toes

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The liver is such an important organ that cleanses the body. Our toes are important as they give us balance as we walk. Every part is needed for the body to work well. God wants us to devote every part of our body to God. Romans 12:1 says, “So brothers and sisters since God has shown us great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to Him (God). Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to Him (God).” This fun children’s song, “Livers and Toes” explains that God created each person and all of their parts and that we should offer every part as an offering to God! Enjoy this fun song with Selah Joy Burnett and Cloudi Berea Bland and many friends! Let’s give all of our lives to Jesus! Holy Hugs!

Read your Bible and Pray Everyday

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God’s Word and Prayer is the strength of the Christian! Psalm 119:105 says ” Your Word is lamp for my feet.” God’s word shows us the right way! Proverbs 15:29 says ” The Lord is far from the wicked (evil people), but He hears the prayer of the righteous.” Every day what do we need? God’s Word and Prayer! Selah Joy Burnett and I share this fun and remember USE big expressions to sign this son! Let’s be strong with prayer and God’s Word! Holy Hugs!

Continue trusting Jesus! Never give up! Holy Hugs!

When the Storm Roars

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LOL When the Storm Roars God cares about all of our troubles and challenges. Little, medium-sized, and big problems give them all to Jesus! God will help us overcome the storms of life! In John 16:33 Jesus says ” I have said these things to you, that in me you can have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation (troubles). But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Jesus can help you with all of your troubles… give all your troubles to Jesus! Selah Joy Burnett and I share this fun children’s song! Enjoy! Holy Hugs!


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The B-I-B-L-E is the first song that I sang as a special for a church. I sang this song for Ector Methodist Church when I was 5 years old. I have enjoyed sharing this song with many sweet children, both Deaf and Hearing! The Bible is the BOOK for me and YOU! Isaiah 40:8 says ” The grass dies and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God will live forever.” Selah Joy Burnett and I share this fun children’s song! Let’s love Gods Word and keep it in our hearts!
Holy Hugs!

Continue trusting Jesus! Never give up! Holy Hugs!

Jesus Loves Me

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Do you remember the old “Uncle Sam” picture where Uncle Sam says ” I want you! ” I love that pointy finger pointing at you! Well, there is someone who wants YOU more than Uncle Sam! Jesus is pointing at you… YES… YOU and JESUS WANTS and LOVES YOU! John 15:9 Jesus said “As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved You! Live in My Love. ” It is so true….. JESUS is pointing right at you! Jesus loves you! Enjoy this song that Selah Joy Burnett and Cloudi Berea bland sign! Holy Hugs!

Beautiful Child

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Beautiful Child, I decided to sign one song for each of our children. Here is the song that I signed for Selah. I am excited to share Selahs song as she will soon marry. May Selah and each one of us remember that we are beautiful because we were all made in the Image (likeness) of God! Song of Solomon 2:10 says ” He calls me, Beautiful One,” The Song of Solomon writes of the beauty of marriage, but it also shows the way that God loves His people, the Church! May Selah and each one of you remember that you are Gods BEAUTIFUL child! Holy Hugs!


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Warning! We can teach our children to sin! Ouch! The Bible says in Exodus 34:6-7 and Deuteronomy 5:8-10 that sins can be passed down from one generation to another… even to the fourth generation. Christians need to be careful what example that they give to their children and others. The good news is that SIN does not have to be passed down to the next generations. We can choose to obey God and show a good example! It is also good that we will not be judged because of our children or our parents! (Deuteronomy 24:16) But it is true that GOOD or BAD , RIGHT or WRONG, can be given to the next generation, and the next generation, and the next generation! One of my greatest desires is that my children and their children will follow Jesus and Gods Word! I want my family and all families to have the peace of God! Psalm 34:14 says ” Seek PEACE and pursue (Chase after it) it! ” When we are obeying God, we will have peace with God and others. I pray that you enjoy this son that has many photos of my family and other families. As we get near Selahs wedding, my prayer is that Nate and Selahs family will be full of Gods peace! Lets follow Jesus and live in peace! Holy Hugs! Enjoy this song, “Generations”!

Summing what matters!

Jesus does not want us to be lukewarm, but rather hot or cold! We understand “HOT” here in Texas! Ha! But really, we want to be ablaze with our hearts on fire for our Lord. To SUM all our summer up, we want it to be full of love!

Galatians 5:14
14 For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[a]

Our summer desire is summed up to love God and love others. That is our desire to obey God all year long, but we want to remember this SUMMER as SUMMED UP in LOVE!

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Mamas Song

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If you know me well, then you know that my mother was my hero! She was a woman who loved Jesus and others so much! She is now with the Lord. I believe that she is looking down from that great cloud of Christian witnesses (the Christians that have already died) and she is cheering for our family and really everyone! My mother had such a sweet and sensitive heart that often when watching the news, she would just cry for the people and their problems. When my mother had problems, she cried out to Jesus in prayer and song! I learned so much from her Christian example. Proverbs 31 is explaining about the characteristics of a great wife and mother. Proverbs 31:27 says ” She ( the woman of God, great wife) watches over her family and never wastes her time.” My mom really did watch over her family well. RIght now, I believe that my mom is looking down from heaven and is very excited about a wedding that will occur, the wedding of Nate Massey and Selah Joy Burnett ( my mom’s granddaughter)
The message that mom did and would have for Selah and for you and me is LOVE GOD and LOVE others! Enjoy footage of my dear mom, Glenda Bland. Enjoy Mamas Song! Let’s live for Jesus! Holy Hugs!

Continue trusting Jesus! Never give up! Holy Hugs!

The Solid Rock

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Rocks are STRONG! One time when I was in Kenya, a man began took a very large Rock and threw it at me! I had been given permission to take a photo of a public transportation vehicle, but
the man did not like it so he threw the rock! Thanks to God, my mission team leader, was able to push me out of the way and shout in Swahili for the man to stop! That Rock could have really hurt me badly. In the Bible, we read how Jesus told the religious leaders to only throw stones if the religious leaders had no sin. When no one threw rocks, Jesus said with love to the woman, ” Go and stop sinning.”( John 8) Are Rocks bad? No if you are walking across a path or a creek, it is great that you can stand on a strong Rock. If there is a storm, people can get in between strong rocks for safety. Jesus is THE ROCK. We can trust Jesus and His Word! Jesus is the Rock that wants to help us live right. Jesus is the Rock who wants to help us and not hurt us! Psalm 18:2 says “The Lord is my Rock, my protection, my Savior. My God is my Rock. I can run to Him ( Jesus) for safety. He (God) is my saving strength, my defender. Enjoy this FUN children’s Song with Selah Joy Burnett and I as we remember that Jesus is the Solid Rock! Holy Hugs!

I’ve got the Joy

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Enjoy this old Sunday school favorite with Selah Joy Burnett and I! Children and Youth at Deaf Churches and schools across the country have sang this song with us! I remember singing it as a little girl! JOY! Well that is Selahs middle name. I chose that name because I want her to be full of Gods Joy! I want that for all three of my children, my husband, myself and every Christian in the world! Let’s pray asking God to give us the fruit of the Spirit, JOY! How do we get JOY? Well Psalm 19:8 says ” The Commandments/Laws of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart! The Commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight (understanding) for living.” Wow, Gods Word, the Bible, gives us JOY. Lets keep Gods Word in our hearts! Sing with us! Holy Hugs!

Alaska Parka

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We so appreciate our Brothers and Sisters in Fairbanks, AK. We taped this devotional in Fairbanks! We are thankful to have been able to use this very expensive parka for our devotional! IT can become really COLD in the 49th state of Alaska, the parkas help people keep warm and live! Alaskans must persevere! Christians must trust in JESUS and persevere!

Continue trusting Jesus! Never give up! Holy Hugs!


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We are thankful to our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Palmer/Wasilla area of AK. We taped this devotional at the Iditarod Headquarters! Of course it was summer, so you will not see us riding with the dogs in SNOW!

Learn about the Iditarod wonderful lessons of the people of Alaska and their perseverance ( never giving up! )God wants us to continue, persevere, and never give up! Holy Hugs!

Prayers for this Child

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We prepared and signed for each one of our children. This song was prepared especially for Cloudi using the wonderful music of Sara Groves. I want to challenge you and me to pray more for our children or the children of others, no matter how old they are. I love the book by Stormie Omartian, “Praying for Your Adult Children”. We should always pray for our children and one another. WE need GODs help in all that we do and especially with our children!

Enjoy the sweet photos of our precious dear Cloudi Berea Juliana Burnett Bland! Lets Pray! Holy Hugs!

God Made the Birds

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There are SO many beautiful birds to see! The birds are different colors, sizes, and shapes. Birds have special markings and actions! Take time to look at the birds and remember that God cares for the birds and God cares even so much more for you! God is the wonderful Creator who loves you! Enjoy this FUN FUN song, God made the Birds! I taught this song to my children, the youth and children at the Deaf Church, and to my students at Happy Hands Deaf Preschool.

Selah Joy Burnett helps me sing this wonderful “Birdie” song! Holy Hugs!

God Is Not Dead!

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What a joy to serve with my children! When my kids were younger, I taught regularly at a Deaf Church. I was also the lead teacher at Happy Hands Deaf Christian Preschool and Kindergarten program, One of the songs that
the children and youth loved to sing was

“Gods Not Dead!” It was so cool that years later when the ” Gods Not Dead ” Movies were released, some of those children and youth sent me a message, I already knew the truth that God is not Dead! Enjoy this fun song that is so TRUE, Gods Not Dead! Holy

I’ll Fly Away!

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There are SO many beautiful birds to see! The birds are different colors, sizes, and shapes. Birds have special markings and actions! Take time to look at the birds and remember that God cares for the birds and God cares even so much more for you! God is the wonderful Creator who loves you! Enjoy this FUN FUN song, God made the Birds! I taught this song to my children, the youth and children at the Deaf Church, and to my students at Happy Hands Deaf Preschool.

Selah Joy Burnett helps me sing this wonderful “Birdie” song! Holy Hugs!

I’m a Soldier

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As we celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, I am reminded of all the heroes that sacrificed to give us freedom here in America. I am thankful to God for all who serve our country. My dad was a Master Sergeant who was in several wars. Steves father was a Colonel. We have two friends that are Chaplains (ministers) in the military. All the people who serve our country are so important. But what if the soldiers were not prepared for battle? Would they win the battle?

Without preparation, the army will not win. The same is true about the army of the Lord! The Church needs to know that we have an enemy, the devil who prowls around like a roaring lion, so we need to be ready to fight! God tells us in Ephesians 6 :10 – 18 about the armor of God and how we can be protected from Satan. We need the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the gospel shoes of peace, the sword of the Spirit, and the shield of faith! Enjoy this fun children’s song taped in Hawaii about the armor of God. Let’s be strong soldiers of God! Holy Hugs!

Hope for You

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Sometimes I look at the problems around me and think, ” Everything is going wrong! Can I survive? Can I live with these problems?” Just like when Peter came out walking on the water to meet Jesus, Peter was doing fine
until Peter starting focusing on the troubles! We must keep looking to Jesus and remembering that Gods Word, the Bible says that we have Hope in God! Psalm 147:11 ” The Lord is pleased with those people who respect Him (God) and who trust/Hope in Gods unfailing
love! ” The writer of Psalm 42 talks about being sad and discouraged, but in verses 5 & 11, the writer remembers that he must HOPE in God! There is HOPE for me and you! There is HOPE in Jesus! Enjoy this song, Hope for You! Holy Hugs!

Hope in Christ

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One of my favorite words in Spanish is “Esperanza” which means “HOPE”. We all need Hope! In 2011, we began going to serve and partner with churches in Alaska. We were able to videotapes many great scenes across the state.
One small town that not everyone knows about is a dear place, Hope, AK. The small church there is precious. They are seeking to share Jesus in their part of the world and around the world. We are thankful for them! MUCH More than the amazing beauty of HOPE, AK is the amazing, wonderful, incredible HOPE that we have in Christ! Enjoy this video, and welcome to HOPE! Holy HUGS!

Shelter in the Time of Storm

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Summer storms can come! Having lived most of my life in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas, I have seen storms turn even into tornadoes. As I have traveled doing mission work, I have seen LOTS of different kinds of storms.
I remember one time, I was in Italy at a church camp. My friend, Cassie, and I were walking by the beach, and the rains were like driving nails into our skin. My lightweight friend, Cassie, was almost blown away by the winds, I had to grab her and we rushed
to the bathroom for safety! During my lifetime, I have also seen many storms/ troubles in life! We all have troubles & challenges, but the good news is that IF we trust and accept Jesus, then Jesus will be our shelter, our defender, our protection in the times
of storm! WOW, Cassie and I were SO happy to have found a shelter in that bathroom by the Adriatic Sea in Italy, but MORE than that kind of shelter, we have JESUS to be our SHELTER in the TIMES of Storm! Enjoy this fun song where my lovely daughter, Selah
Joy and I enjoy singing/ signing this truth about Jesus! Holy Hugs!

Welcome a Neighbor

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It is a joy to have good neighbors! While we were out of town for medical treatments, we had a neighbor mow our grass regularly. We are still working on getting organized and doing our medical treatments, and our neighbor
still sometimes helps. We are thankful for all of our kind neighbors! When I was a girl just standing in the yard of my childhood home, a sweet lady Frances Banks welcomed me to church. The Banks, the Webbs, and many other families in my small town church
of Cache, Oklahoma reached out to me with Christ’s love! When I was a teen, they made me a cowgirl outfit, taught me to ride horses, and challenged me to compete in selling the most tickets to become Rodeo Queen. Amazingly with the love of God from this home
church, this SHY girl became rodeo queen! The church knew that although my family loved me greatly, that I really lacked feelings of self-worth, so the church did a great job teaching me of Jesus and His great love for me. One day, when I was a young teen,
they planned a VIP banquet. I did not even know what a VIP was! I asked them, and they explained that they were having a special banquet for a Very Important Person (VIP). So I helped them set up. They had never done something with such fancy decorations.
That night when I came to celebrate and see who this important person was, I found out that they planned the banquet for ME! WOW, what neighbors! What love to help a girl who was struggling to be reminded that God and her church family loved her! Sometimes
I still struggle, but my desire is to tell as many about Jesus as possible and let everyone know that they are a VIP, a Very Important Person! That’s right, I am talking about YOU! Enjoy this devotion and see that story of my dear friends, Frances and Michael
Bradley “Pee Wee”! Holy Hugs! REMEMBER you are a very important person!

Whiter Than Snow

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Wow, I liked the coat the coat I was wearing in this video song! My dear mother gave me this coat! She always wanted me to be warm. When I was a baby, she wrapped me up in LOTS of clothes and blankets! Even as an adult… I am so easily COLD! Sadly when we had to leave to go to medical appointments out of town, the dry cleaners gave this coat away. It was so warm looking that when I once went into a store in Alaska in the summertime, the people really STARED! Another reason that I like this black coat, is because when we videotaped this Bible lesson, the BLACK coat really made the snow look so WHITE. There is such a contrast between the two. Watch this Bible devotional about David and His prayer in Psalm 51. Also in Isaiah 1:18 : Come now, let us reason together!” says the Lord. “Though your sins are red/scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Enjoy this Bible lesson that was taped in Bryce Canyon in the Spring! Holy Hugs!

Clean on the Inside song

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Summer Time Car Washes!! You see the Youth Groups and Bands with the posters waving! These excited kids are trying to raise money for their projects! If you drive by a car wash, you will see many men and women working hard to make their cars or trucks look good! Cars have to be washed again and again! What about you and me? Well when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Jesus will forgive us! When we sin, we ask Jesus for forgiveness, and HE WILL forgive us! God does not look at our 1 John 1 : 9 says ” If we confess our sins, He (Jesus) is faithful and just and will forgive us of ALL our sins.” In the Old Testament, the little shepherd boy, David, was chosen to be the King. Samuel, Gods prophet, did not think that it would be the youngest small son of Jesse. 1 Samuel 16:7,b “But the Lord said to Samuel, ” The Lord does not look at the things that people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” God chose David to be the King of Israel. King David was later known as a “man seeking after Gods heart”. God could see that David loved and wanted to obey God. Later we see that David fell into the sin of adultery, but David repented and God forgave David. See Blog post later this week, “Whiter Than Snow ” for more of the story! The devil wants to tell you two lies: Lie# 1: “You can do anything you want, God doesn’t mind!” Lie# 2 : God will not forgive you of your sin!

Sinning is wrong. The Bible is clear about what is right or wrong. We don’t want to play games with God! We need to recognize sin in our lives and repent. We also need to know that God CAN AND WILL forgive us if we repent of sin, and come humbly to God to be forgiven! God Loves you! God cares about your heart, what is inside you! You can be CLEAN on the inside! Enjoy this fun song! Holy Hugs!

He’s always been Faithful

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WOW… I don’t like to call myself “OLD”, but the Bible does say that when WE live longer than the younger Christians, we do have one COOL benefit, we have see the faithfulness of God  over many years! The Bible even says the Word “OLD”!Psalm 37:25 25I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. I don’t mind getting older, because it so great to see and trust our Great God!! Great is thy Faithfulness is one of my favorite songs! ( I have LOTS of FAVORITE songs!) Enjoy this lovely song by Sara Groves taped in beautiful ALASKA! ( The people are even more lovely than the land! ) Kemper Crabb has a song called “Doulos” which means bondservant or a  person who willingly serves Jesus!  One of my favorite lines in that song is “looking back across the years, I can see that You, O, God, were constantly there! (beside me wherever I was!) As I remember my life, I see the faithfulness of God in the sweet times and in the hardest times. God never leaves us! God is always with us and God helps us in the hard times too! I thank Jesus for His faithfulness! Jesus loves you! Enjoy this song, “He’s (Jesus) always been faithful!” Holy Hugs!!


Clean on the Inside
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WOW… I did not start wearing glasses until I was 37 years of age!. All the years, before, I had 20/20 vision. Then I was 37, and knew that I could not SEE like I did when I was younger. Vision problems can be challenging, but blind people can do AMAZING things too!  When we look at our mighty God, we see that God’s character, His ways are WONDERFUL!  Enjoy this popular story about how blind people “SEE” and describe an elephant! BUT greater still, think about how can we describe God. He has many characteristics! “SEE” that God is so good!!!

Overflowing SPRINGs! 2018

Our Springtime has been FULL! When we arrived back from the Philippines in February, we soon had various signs that Steve was having a cancer challenge in his sacrum (the bony structure at the base of the lumbar vertebrae connected to the pelvis). Doctors confirmed that cancer. Also, I found that even though my bloodwork and testing were great, I had signs of some circulating tumor cells still adrift in my body, so we BOTH needed to do lots of medical treatments!

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The Church App

We are so excited to announce that we are now part of The Church App. 

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Expressions of Emmanuel Philippine Mission Trip with the Deaf in Cebu!

On January 30th, Steve and I will start our journey to Cebu! (flying from Dallas to Hong Kong to Cebu) On January 31st Selah, Cloudi, and Nate (Selah’s fiancé) will fly to Cebu via a layover in Singapore. Two others who wanted to join the team, Judy Hernandez and Tare Hankins, will not be able to join us. They will instead join us in serving the Deaf community on an EOE mission trip later this year.

Please pray for us as we have a lot of packing and preparing in our less than two weeks before our departure. We will share on February 3rd at the MATA Deaf Expo. At least 1400 Deaf people are expected at this event. EOE will have a 15-minute program on the MATA stage. We will also have a booth where we will give away one free DVD & tracts to each Deaf person. We are thankful to Good News Productions International for lending us small DVD projectors that we can use at our booth. Please pray for God to help us as we seek to take 2000 DVDs and tracts. We pray that we will have success at the booth in showing the DVDs. Please also pray that we will find reasonable reliable transportation once we arrive in Cebu as we will be transporting lots of materials. We have also been given freedom to visit the MANY Deaf schools and Deaf clubs in Cebu to present them a set of DVDS and to share. Please pray for us to get a set of DVDs/tracts to these more than 30 groups.

Steve has still been struggling at times with sacral pain due to the cancer die-off. We have been going to many medical appointments in Texas since the end of December. (Pain Management doctor, Christian acupuncturist/gentle chiropractor, Physical therapy, and been doing a variety of medical tests.) We just got his bloodwork back and looks good. He now has a pain management device, IFR like a TENS unit that helps with pain. He has been given some nerve pain medicines as well. The cold is not helpful, but we have seen progress with still some ups and downs. Steve is passionate about this trip as we have such an OPEN DOOR to share the gospel. Please pray for his continued progress and healing. Please pray that God will grant blessing and favor in all that we do for His glory. Please pray that Steve will not suffer great pain during the flight or trip. We are still getting more medical assistance for Steve before we go, so we pray that more answers will be found to alleviate his pain! We are grateful that his bloodwork also continues to support the fact that he is cancer free. Praise be to God for all that He teaches us in this journey!

We also pray that Steve can get to see the Philippine medical professionals that we met last summer and get a FREE checkup. Their program gives free checkups and more treatments for free as well if one of their patients’ needs it. We pray that he can get into that clinic to be rechecked. Please pray for God’s favor in that as well.

Please pray for God to protect, use, and guide Steve, Vonda, Nate, Selah, & Cloudi as we reach out and share the gospel with the Deaf and their families in the Philippines. Please pray for God to open hearts to Jesus and His Word as we go! We will go there immediately after a large 3-week Catholic festival that celebrates baby Jesus! We pray that hearts will be open to learning the truths from God’s Word about Jesus!

We are only able to go on this trip because of your faithful support of EOE! Thank you SO much for partnering with us! May God mightily bless you in 2018! Holy Hugs!

Love in Jesus, Steven & Vonda Hamilton, daughters: Selah & Cloudi, and Nate Massey.

Expressions of Emmanuel

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Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving motivated by social media and collaboration. Expressions of Emmanuel couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of donors like you! If you are looking for ways to give on Giving Tuesday, here are a few ways you can give to EOE!

DVD Donations

A huge part of our ministry includes creating DVDs that have content including praise and worship songs, Bible lessons, and devotionals in sign language. These are an incredible resource for the deaf community. Donate here.

Donations to Fix Truck Engine

As missionaries, we travel around the country and world to minister to the deaf community. Our primary mode of transportation is a truck. Unfortunately, the engine needs to be replaced before we can move forward. Total cost will be $9300. Donate to help fix our truck engine here.

Medical Expenses

As you might know, Steve is struggling with the cancer die off which remains in the body after cancer is eradicated. It is a very dangerous and taxing process. Along with the pain of recovery, there are many medical expenses that pile up. If you feel led to donate to our medical expenses, donate here. You can learn more about our story in our previous newsletter.

Mission Trip to the Phillipines

We are excited for our mission trip to the Phillipines. We are sending 20 boxes of DVDs for the MATA EXPO to give access to bible verses, worship, and more to the deaf community in the Phillipines. These DVDs are especially focused on Salvation, which is an incredibly important topic. Donate to our mission trip here.

We thank you so much for considering giving to Expressions of Emmanuel. If you are not able to give, we just ask that you join us in prayer for God’s provision for all of these things. We are so honored to be called to this ministry and want to glorify God in all that we do.

If you have any questions, contact us here.

Animal Crackers: Dogs

Clean on the Inside
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Animal Crackers 🐶 Lesson: Have you ever noticed that a VERY sweet dog can become mean if you try to take their bone, treat, or if you bother their dog bowl? That is natural for an animal, but sometimes we get so focused on a sin, that we act like a dog… wanting our way. God has given us His Word to show us the right way to live. God wants us to be disciplined and self-controlled because He (God) knows that it is best for us. We need to be careful to not be proud and foolish and follow our own little favorite sins. (overeating… etc. )We CAN be self-controlled. God wants us to NOT think on the things we CAN”T or SHOULD NOT do, but on the GOOD things that HE (God) wants us to do.

Hebrews 12:11

11 We do not enjoy being disciplined. It is painful at the time, but later, after we have learned from it, we have peace, because we start living in the right way.

God wants us to have self-control. God will help us grow in self-control. 

2 Timothy 1:7

God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control.

I encourage you to ask God to help you grow in self-control and then put your mind on the things that God wants you to do. Self-control is one of God’s gifts to His children. Galatians 5:23-24 Self- Control is one of God’s fruits that He gives to Christians! Don’t say… “Well, I just cannot control myself!” Ask God to help you and He will help you! I love my dogs and I want to be sweet and faithful like them, but watch this dog…. I don’t want to copy this Doggy Way! Take a look! Let’s humble ourselves and obey God!

Newsletter Summer 2017

Medical Treatments for Steve/Deaf Mission Work in the Philippines

Praise the Lord, God opened up doors for Steve to get some medical care in the Philippines. His cancer actually completely died there. He responded well to the treatment. One of the challenges that patients have when their cancer dies, is that they have necrotic tissue (cancer die-off) which is also life threatening. We are thankful that Steve continues to heal and the cancer die-off is leaving his body step by step. Over the course of almost one year and half, we have happily seen people be healed of cancer, while others we have seen pass away. God has given us opportunities to love others in their time of need and for them to love us. Please pray for the family members of all of the friends that we have lost.

In our journey to the Philippines, God opened up the doors for Steve and me to be welcomed to the Governor’s office at the State Capitol. Mama Coring, my Filipino spiritual mother (she formerly worked at the U N Philippine Mission in New York City) and her family (all DEAR to me like family) contacted government officials on our behalf to have the opportunity to share the gospel with the Deaf in the Philippines. We went to State Capitol, and we were heartily welcomed. The Governor’s office gave us a list of all of the schools for the Deaf in the region. At the State Capitol, they also delivered a set of DVDs to one of the local Deaf clubs. The Governor’s office has two Deaf employees. We were blessed to meet one of them. The Governor’s office encouraged us to visit the schools for the Deaf and sent their card with us. The Deaf schools were so happy to welcome us. We were able to give complete sets of our currently edited DVDs (19 in all, not counting the ones that we made in conjunction with Deaf Missions). When we visited one of the schools for the Deaf, we were able to share the full gospel in the classroom. The students were very eager to learn. The teachers were very warm and welcoming. We were so over whelming blessed.

We also visited the Cebu Bible Seminary and presented them with a set of DVDs and extended a challenge to them to learn to sign. We would love to partner with the Bible seminary next year when we do a MATA Deaf exposition and a Deaf school out-reach from January 30 to February 14, 2018. Please pray for God to bless the Deaf who see our DVDs. Please pray that God will open up more doors to share the Gospel with the Deaf there next year. We are praying for God to bring together a team for this outreach event. We are thankful for the Policarpio/Eustaquio family who God used to open up doors for us to share Jesus there. Please pray for the Deaf in the Philippines and the outreach there next year.

Medical Care and Deaf Outreaches in Las Vegas

On July 14th, Steve, Selah, Nate Massey, Cloudi, and I traveled to Las Vegas for health body scans. It was really good for all of us. Since I had just been scanned at the end of April, I chose to not have a scan in mid-July. This scan showed that Steve’s cancer was dead. Nate, Selah, and Cloudi received a lot of great information from their scans to help them move towards better health.

The Crossings Church graciously allowed Steve, Cloudi, and me to stay at their mission house for 11 days. This was so helpful as the doctor was able to continue treatments and periodic scans. Selah returned to Bonham, and Nate returned to Dallas after the weekend. While in Las Vegas, Steve really made improvements because of the treatments. We were able to share a two-hour Gospel program with the Las Vegas Deaf Senior Citizens group. Steve even shared a dog show featuring Luna teaching that God wants us to love and OBEY Him. We so enjoyed meeting and sharing with the Deaf Senior Citizens at the Cambridge Recreation Center in Las Vegas.

We also had numerous opportunities to witness to Lyft drivers and we welcomed all of them to attend the Crossings Church. One of the Lyft drivers is a famous international professional basketball player. When he found out that Selah and I were going to Belize, he made calls to get assistance for us. He even contacted a friend in Belize to help us get on Belizean TV to be more effective to reach the Deaf while there. Meeting this wonderful man thrilled my heart, as I could see that God was moving us to reach out in Belize.

As Steve, Cloudi, and I prepared to leave on July 27th, I noticed that my abdomen was having issues, so I decided that I should have another scan. The doctor found a large cyst. Many aspects of the cyst seemed to be harmless, however the size of it and couple of other factors made it have some concerning traits. The doctor in Las Vegas insisted that I go home and have another special sonogram. The next day after arriving home to Texas, we went to an Emergency Room. The ER found that it was indeed a large ovarian cyst.

The Dr. from Las Vegas conferred with me on the phone, and encouraged me to go on my mission trip/ mother-daughter trip with Selah to Belize (Cloudi was not interested in going at that time as she is studying to take her Texas State Massage License. We are thankful for Jeanna Mead who is a hard-of-hearing woman who is coaching her). We were able to get round- trip tickets for $200 dollars each. So 3 days after finding out about the cyst, Selah and I went ahead and embarked upon our trip to Belize to reach out to the Deaf and to visit our missionary friends in Belize. The doctor told me to be careful to not vigorously exercise or eat too heartily as we did not want the cyst to rupture. The doctor said that this was such a wonderful opportunity with my daughter that we did not want to miss it, so we were encouraged to go and be cautious. I went on a heavy regimen of supplements and prayer, and told to return immediately after the trip for another scan. With confidence in the Lord, Selah and I happily went to Belize.


Selah and I were excited to go visit Mark and Deborah Bloomer, missionaries who are starting Christ For the Nations Bible Institute/Seminary in Belize. We were so thankful that although the Bloomers had just moved there, they helped us with housing, transportation, and assistance in our Deaf mission outreaches. We had been friends with the Bloomers in Texas. Steve had attended a men’s Bible study at the Bloomers house in Allen, Texas, for couple of years. Steve and Mark enjoyed friendship and fellowship in the Lord. Whenever our family visited the Bloomers in Texas, we were always encouraged. The Bloomers helped us to recruit Samantha Smith as a volunteer/intern with Expressions of Emmanuel. So it was exciting to visit with them again. We also hoped that this trip would open up doors for more outreach in future (when Steve and Cloudi can come as well). We are so thankful for the Bloomers. Please pray for their outreach there.

We first went from Belize City to Placencia. There we were able to meet a Deaf man and share the gospel with him. His boss was so impressed with his Deaf worker. The boss said, “He is my best worker! I love him. He is like family to me. I have been praying that someone would come and share the gospel with him. I want him to know Jesus!” We were able to use a tract and share the gospel with this dear Deaf man. He was eager to learn of the love of Jesus! We left information about our website and YouTube Channel. The boss (who had a large lovely home) said that he would allow his Deaf worker/family member to just spend time watching the Bible lessons, testimonies, and songs on our YouTube Channel and website. Praise the Lord! Please pray for this man, Ed.

After Placencia, the Bloomers took us to stay at their rent house in Spanish Lookout. There we met with a minister with the Deaf at the local Mennonite church. We gave one set of our DVDs to the Cayo Deaf Institute and another set of our DVDs to the local Mennonite Church. We enjoyed visiting two Deaf ladies, Sandra and Teresita, in the area. We enjoyed sharing Biblical truths with each other. We enjoyed visiting with a lady, Rosella Plett, a foster mother/employer for them. She loves them like her family. This dear woman and her family were very encouraging. We had some great times of fellowship and we gave a set of DVDs to the Pletts and they will be a lending library to the Deaf in the area. Selah and I also interpreted for a worship service for these Deaf ladies. Please pray for these Deaf ladies and the Deaf in this region.

Surely the Lord opened up the doors for us to share in a big way in Belize. Our new friend from Las Vegas, Alex Carcamo, made contacts with his friends in Belize who arranged for Selah and me to be on a morning interview TV show, Open Your Eyes Belize! (similar to Good Morning America). We were able to share about our faith in Jesus, to explain about the mission work of Expressions of Emmanuel and the need of sharing the gospel with the Deaf in every nation, to share our desire to reach out to the Deaf in Belize, to encourage the audience to know that Deaf people CAN DO, and to challenge families, friends, and communities to learn sign language. It was also wonderful that we were able to have Deborah Bloomer join us so that she could offer her research information about the Deaf schools and the need in Belize. It was also great because she was able to share briefly about starting the Christ for the Nations Bible Seminary. God blessed our time with the interview. Afterwards we were able to leave a set of DVDs with the Deaf school in Belize City where they said that they would certainly use the DVDS! Praise the Lord for opening these doors!

We are so thankful for the Bloomers, the Pletts, Alex Carcamo, William Neal, the OYE staff, and you! Our prayer warriors/ financial supporters make this possible. See the 30 minute broadcastClick Here

Another saying about Belize is…. “You better Belize (believe) it!” We did have an unbelizeable time where a MIGHTY GOD showed His power. It is our desire to return there and do more outreaches in the future. Please ask God to bless the DVDs that we left to be tools to help people know Jesus more. Please pray for the Bloomers as God is leading them into an amazing work there. Please pray for us to be able to return and share with about the Love of Jesus!

31 Countries! Praise the Lord!

Selah and I were able to go across the border from Belize to Guatemala too. We hope one day to visit some Deaf missionaries there too. We want to be God’s servants I rejoice that this summer marks a milestone for me as I traveled to my 31st country in missionary efforts. The praise goes to God! He has led me and used His people to send me and pray for me. Thanks for being a part of God’s work by supporting me and my family to share Jesus every place we can! On my first mission trip (at the age of 19 to Europe). I had NEVER before flown. Does this mean that we have tons of funds? Absolutely NOT, but God always makes a way to get us where He wants us to go and sometimes His provision comes in the strangest ways, but it just shows that God is so AMAZING! We cannot put God in a box! He is limitless. My desire is to continue to serve Him wherever He wants and whenever He wants for as long as He wants! I can envision myself serving in some way as a 100 year old! Why do I mention this milestone? To put badges of honor on me? NO, but to say PRAISE THE LORD!!!! HE uses quirky girls like me and He can use anyone. So let’s keep serving Him until He comes again! I also make mention of this milestone to say a roaring “THANK YOU” for your partnership in the gospel, my family and I could not serve without your financial support and your prayers! GLORY TO GOD!!

Texas/Oklahoma Homefront : Steve Continuing to Improve

While Selah and I were in Belize, Gene Kirk (the son of Ladell and Sharon Kirk, friends and EOE advisory council members) stayed at the mission house. We are thankful to have had him there to take care of things. We also had him stay so that he could search for jobs in the area as he had been laid off in Oklahoma.

When Selah and I were flying to Belize, Sharon and Ladell Kirk were taking Steve and Cloudi to Grove, Oklahoma to stay while we were gone. Sharon and Cloudi helped to take care of Steve and keep him on all of his supplements. There are just so many aspects of detoxing that it is good to have a team work together to get rid of the cancer die-off (necrotic tissue) Sharon did some wonderful Gluten Free cooking. We are trying to fatten up Steve as he lost a lot of weight. Slowly but surely, Sharon and Ladell saw Steve get better. We are so thankful to Bob and Carolyn Plunk who allowed them to stay with them at their lovely home. It was just a relief for me to know that Steve was being monitored and cared for by such wonderful people while I was in Belize. The Trinity Baptist Church in Grove was so kind to Steve and Cloudi. Trinity Baptist has been great prayer warriors for us too. We are thankful for all of our prayer warriors and supporters!

When I arrived home, Judy Denman drove me straight to Grove from Dallas so that I could visit my Bible translator missionary friends and EOE supporters, Gregory, Rondalyn, and Annalyn Ohrenberg. We just had a couple of hours in Joplin and I was exhausted, but it was a DELIGHTFUL visit! Afterwards, we rushed to Grove so that I could see Steve and Cloudi and get some much-needed rest. The Plunks were so kind and even took us to breakfast as we were leaving town. We hurried home to Texas where we packed to leave at 4 a.m. for Las Vegas. Around 8 p.m on Friday night, August 18th, this dear young man, Nate Massey came for a visit. He talked with Steve and me for around two and half hours and prayed with us for 30 minutes. We were up until midnight, (and we had to leave at 4 a.m.) but it was glorious! He asked us a special question to which we gave him a hearty “YES!” (Stay TUNED to find out what we answered!)

Getting Help for Health Concerns! Praise the Lord!

At 6 a.m. on August 19th, we departed to Las Vegas to have more scans for both Steve and me. It was determined that my ovarian cyst had not shrunk, but instead grown, so the doctor said that when we returned home that we needed to immediately find a gynecologist to operate and remove the 11.5 cm cyst.

While in Las Vegas, Steve received three days of treatment which helped him greatly. We returned home to Texas and on August 22nd, Steve had an appointment with a surgeon to see if he should have surgery to remove the remaining cancer dieoff. He had an MRI and we are awaiting the doctor’s response as to whether that would be wise or not.

Also on August 22nd, I met with a gynecologist who said that surely, I should have my ovaries removed. He did a special blood test (CA 125) which is cancer marker for ovarian cancer. The next day, his office called and said that my tumor marker reading was quite elevated so that meant that I would have to be referred to a gynecological oncologist. Cancer is not the only reason that a CA 125 test is elevated, but does warrant enough concern that the surgery must be done even more carefully to avoid having the contents of the cyst seep into other parts of the body. On the 24th, I met with the GYN oncologist and he said that I would need to have a radical hysterectomy. My hysterectomy is scheduled for September 5th at 9:30 a.m. I have had problems with anesthesia before with smaller procedures. It appears that many of my family members have had anesthesia challenges. Please just pray for a smooth surgery, recovery, and for complete healing. Frankly, this is a great challenge for me, but with your prayers and faith, and the love of God, I will let them take me into that operating room on Tuesday. I was just talking to Sherry Lococo, dear friend and one of our EOE advisory council. I told her that my confession is “I will trust the LORD COMPLETELY! “ Of course that makes me think of Proverbs 3:5-6 “ Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways ACKNOWLEDGE Him and He will direct your paths.” Sherry said that God was really teaching her to acknowledge God to recognize how good He is, and to look for what God is doing. Romans 8:28 says God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” So Sherry and I agreed God is working in our lives… we have to stop and recognize Him and seek to see what
He is doing! In sign language it is so important to acknowledge that you are paying attention to a Deaf person.. by head nods or a “Y” Hand-shaped sign, “OH I SEE!” So my challenge to you and to myself is to ACKNOWLEDGE God… notice Him and seek to see what He is doing and trust HIM completely. Sherry and I laughed as I said… we have to remember…. Proverbs 3:5-6 says that HE (God) will direct your paths… so when they put me on that hospital gurney (moving bed)… I will have to let them take me off to surgery. Sitting still is hard for me, so surgery… 4 to 6 weeks of recovery seems challenging, but I trust that the Lord is willing to meet me there and it will be good. I have much to study and read. I pray to write a lot. I want to spend a lot of time in prayer and listening to the Lord. The song by Newsong, “Before the Day” has been an encouragement to me as I prepare for surgery. My heart is seeking to focus on Psalm 46:10 “Be still and Know that I am God and I will be exalted above the nations.”

We were also so thankful that last Sunday, minister, Mike Crow, and Hillcrest Christian Church prayed for me as I prepare for surgery. Also David Bradley, friend and minister of Whitewright Baptist Church came with a couple of the men to our home to pray for Steve and me. The Alexanders were with us and they also joined in prayer with us. Thanks to all for your prayers! God bless you! Holy Hugs!


We along with the world have had our hearts heavy to see the effect of this hurricane. We were so thrilled that our dear friends, the Alexanders, from LaPorte, Texas, came to stay with us for a several days to avoid the storm. We enjoyed their visit and were glad to be able to house them. As soon as the roads cleared up well enough for them to find a safe path … they returned home. Selah had just had some pillows donated from a hotel to help with homeless ministry, so she was able to donate part of that to Hurricane Recovery efforts. We and a few others in our community were able to donate supplies to go with the Alexanders as they returned to the Houston area. They could only take what would fit in their vehicle, but they filled it up. The Alexanders said that already the supplies have been put to use. We have been checking on our Houston friends via FaceBook. We are thankful that our son, Andres, was not in the storm. He was just preparing to move to Houston to start a job with Amazon.com. Please pray for him to still be able to start this new job. (Congrats, Andres for getting the job!) Please continue to pray for those who have suffered and those who are going to help. Let’s pray for God to bring restoration to South Texas. Please pray for people of India who recently had a great tragedy too. Please also pray for Belize and other areas that could be effected by the upcoming storm, Hurricane Irma. May God bless Texas and the World!

Planet Deaf App Coming Soon and Church Scribes Website

We are thankful that we have a wonderful website that Web PRO helped design and maintains for us. This gift is a blessing as it enables us to reach out with a website, blog, social media, and YouTube channel. Please check out our website. We are also excited that other websites like Church Scribes uses some of our materials. Check it out: Colleen Delaney is seeking to start and APP called Planet Deaf where she will use our materials. We looked into getting an Expressions of Emmanuel APP, so that we could reach out to more people, But there is no way that we could ever afford to do that, so it was exciting when Colleen contacted us to ask if we would share our Christian Songs, Testimonies, and Bible lessons on the Planet Deaf APP. We happily agreed to freely share our materials, but still maintain the rights to our videos. Planet Deaf is still in the making, so please pray or God to help Colleen to be able to get this up and running as this would be a great spiritual and educational resource for the Deaf community. We are happy to be a part and have God answer our prayer to reach out to even more with the grace and love of Jesus!


High in the mountains of Colorado, a young man takes a young lady mountain climbing, and on the top of the mountain, he asks one of the most important questions of their lives!


We, the Hamilton family, are very happy and thrilled to have Nate soon join the family. We are glad that they will be a lovely couple (family) that is devoted to serving and loving God, each other, and others! Nate has a wonderful testimony and love for the Lord! He is attending Dallas Christian College while Selah is working at DCC (tutoring center) and Hillcrest Christian Church (youth ministry); she is starting her Masters in Psychology at Dallas Baptist University. Nate does supply preaching across the state. He is a wonderful preacher! The wedding date is still being determined. Enjoy the photos immediately after he asked her to marry him.


We, the Hamilton family, are very happy and thrilled to have Nate soon join the family. We are glad that they will be a
lovely couple (family) that is devoted to serving and loving God, each other, and others! Nate has a wonderful testimony
and love for the Lord! He is attending Dallas Christian College while Selah is working at DCC (tutoring center) and
Hillcrest Christian Church (youth ministry); she is starting her Masters in Psychology at Dallas Baptist University. Nate
does supply preaching across the state. He is a wonderful preacher! The wedding date is still being determined. Enjoy
the photos immediately after he asked her to marry him.


September 5 9:30 Radical Hysterectomy for Vonda Medical City Hospital, Plano/Dallas
October 8 Expressions of Emmanuel Advisory Council Meeting at Tim and Janie Huff’s Home, Sapulpa,OK
October 15 Expressions of Emmanuel shares at Mission Fair at Hillcrest Christian Church, McKinney, TX
November 15-19 International Conference on Missions, Expressions of Emmanuel Booth #703
Jan.30-Feb. 14, 2018 MATA DEAF Exposition and Deaf School Outreaches, Cebu, Philippines

Pictures Summer 2017

Governor’s Office Philippines

Deaf School Philippines

Handing out tract in Belize to ED

The Bloomers in Belize

Grove, OKLA – The Kirk’s,
Hamilton’s & The Plunk’s

Sharing with Rosella, Teresita, &
Sandra in Belize.

Vonda & Selah at TV interview in Belize.

Will you be my Valentine?

Enjoy this 1950’s sock hop (dance) of joy in Jesus’ Love! Jesus offers love to each of us! Just like someone asks “Will you be my Valentine?” Each person needs to answer to God… Yes or No. John 14:15 says that if we love God, then we will obey His commands. So Let’s say “Yes, we love God, and Yes, we will obey God too!” There is no better love than the LOVE of Jesus! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day…

Valentines Day… and soon comes Spring. The flowers grow, new life starts, and many people get really busy playing soccer! My son, Andres, played soccer when he was young. Steve and I love to watch the World Cup every four years. Please enjoy this Bible lesson, the soccer ball devotional.. which teaches about the best love ever… the love of God and how you like the Springtime’s new life… can grow and live a life full of the love of Jesus! Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow…. all the colors tell a story of God’s love for you and me! Here comes the soccer ball….. enjoy this lesson! Happy Valentines’ Day!

Today was Exciting

Clean on the Inside
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Today was exciting as I was helping another cancer patient look for housing in AZ, when we met a lovely young Kenya woman. I began to sing to her in Swahili(African Spoken Language)… “God is so Good” and another song about the Fire of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christians. This lovely Christian young lady was so HAPPY to sing along with me as we rejoiced in the Lord. That young lady was 4 years old when I visited Kenya back in 1989. I learned so much when I went to Kenya. I even learned from our experience with Cheetahs. Enjoy this story and Bible verse from the bush in Africa. Harambe and Holy Hugs!

2016 Year Wrap-Up

Dearest Faithful Supporters of Expressions of Emmanuel,

Because of your partnership 2016, was a wonderful year. We had many successful gospel outreaches in 2016 with Deaf and Hearing people. It was great to share with the great group of Deaf at FUMC and with Westview Christian in Shreveport. These mission outreaches and actually all the others were blessed abundantly.

      1. We cried out to the Lord, and God gave us 44 adults and a baby to reach out to thousands of Deaf people at the DeafNation Expo in Las Vegas this summer. We distributed tracts and DVDs with the masses of Deaf there. It was a challenging time as May and June had been full of hospital stays and doctors appointments that declared that Steve had advanced non-smoker’s lung cancer, but still, Steve and I were able to go and with this amazing team share Jesus with MANY in Las Vegas.
      2. God blessed us with amazing interns and helpers. Andy, Kendra, Hayley, Autumn, Bekah, and Jolene all stayed at our EOE mission home with the guidance of Sherry Lococo and Laura Skinner when Steve was hospitalized.  The interns were involved in the videotaping of some songs, as well as working with EOE to plan and lead a Deaf Christian Youth Camp, as well as other outreaches. God’s Handled us in it all!
      3. We enjoyed our times sharing with FCC in Sapulpa, Cache Christian Church (Revival/Videotaping), the Cherry Hill Women’s Retreat, FCC Mena, AR, Calvary in Bonham, Farewell Avenue Christian Church, Journey Christian Church members, Christian Church of Anchorage, Faith Community Church,  Palmer Christian Church, Hope Christian Church members, and Kenai Christian Church. WE were warmly welcomed everywhere we went. We were grateful for our not only our lodging but for the Alaska Churches providing our transportation to and around Alaska. God’s provision and direction were inspiring!
      4. In December, Cloudi also was able to go and join Bekah Ochs and her family on a Deaf outreach to Ghana, Africa. Cloudi and the group were able to distribute our DVDS to Deaf schools and groups across Ghana (6 complete sets of our 21 DVDs). Cloudi grew so much and the team really reached many with the love of Christ.
      5. God blessed us to get insurance so that Steve could get medical care. Many of you gave to make it possible. After our AK trip, on November 10th, M D Anderson hospital found a new small spot Steve’s spine.  So after advice from a Tulsa doctor and some research, we found a clinic in Tempe, AZ to get some extensive naturopathic medical care. Since November 14th, Steve has been receiving treatments here in AZ. He has made steady progress.  The Suttons from FCC of Tempe shared their home and car with us. Darryl Nunnelley helped provide a hotel room for one month and then he donated the 5th Wheel for our housing and to be used in the ministry as we travel and share the gospel. Darryl will later donate a used truck to be able to haul the 5th Wheel. Praise God for all His provision. Steve will be having more testing in Houston at the end of February. Please pray for his healing.
      6. This fall Judy Denman represented EOE at the International Conference on Missions. She gave MANY DVDs to many mission works around the world.
      7. This year God blessed us to produce 5 NEW DVDS: Holy Hugs, More, Walk in Love, Free, and Mark of the Lamb.
      8. While in AZ, we have shared with DVDs with four different Deaf Churches so far. We shared at FCC Tempe’s Children Church. We have distributed DVDs to Deaf people all across Phoenix. On two occasions we have shared at a Deaf/ Hearing Home Bible Study. We have shared some dramas and DVDs with the cancer patients at the clinic as well.
      9. We enjoyed Selah’s recent visits with us. She returned to Texas to finish her last semester at Dallas Christian College, and to continue tutoring at DCC and working with children’s ministry at Hillcrest Christian Church. Cloudi is helping us in AZ. Cloudi completed her Massage Therapy courses and she will take her Texas test when we return to Texas.
      10. We are planning to share with other Deaf churches. We also hope to distribute DVDS to the schools for the Deaf. (Phoenix & Tucson) Please pray for our AZ outreach. We have many more mission plans, but we are praying and waiting for upcoming medical reports to solidify our plans. We love you and thank you for your prayers and support. We know that God has much for us to do, thanks for your continued support.

Love in Jesus,
Steven and Vonda Hamilton & family, Expressions of Emmanuel

Shopping List

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With Shopping List: There are many ways that God wants us to pray. I remember PRAY Praise, Repent, Ask for Others, and Pray for Yourself.  This helps me pray. I really LOVE  God and people, but I understand that it is SO EASY to be selfish! We have to always check our hearts and why we are doing what we do. When considering how to pray, I often think about ACTS too. Ask, Confess, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (asking for things). I believe that God does want us to do that ASK. His Word says ask.  I know we can get some good deals this time of the year, and it may be wise to shop and get things that we might not be able to afford at other times of the year. BUT we must be careful that we don’t get too selfish. We need to pray that our shopping is God honoring! We need to pray in all the ways that God tells us about in His Word.  We need to make sure to be thankful. Yes, we all have problems, but yes… if we really LOOK, we will find that we all have so many blessings! Praise the Lord. We do need to pray for our OWN problems, but we need to not forget to pray for others. I love this verse where Samuel does not want to sin by not praying for others. If we don’t pray for others… we are sinning! ” 1 Samuel 12:23Samuel said

” I will surely not stop praying for you, because that would be sinning against the Lord. I will teach you what is good and right. ” Let’s be thankful, careful with the sales, and pray for each other. Enjoy this fun song that reminds us to pray in all ways and to be careful to not be selfish when we pray. Holy Hugs!


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Right now… I am so behind on my thank you cards! It is one of my goals to get caught up. I want everyone to know how much that I appreciate their love, prayers, service, and generosity. I have a whole bag of cards waiting to be finished! So if you have not received a note…. right now… I want to say THANK YOU! It has been challenging to keep up with medical appointments, medical treatments at home, change of diet, mission work, and other family responsibilities. So thank you for your patience. But I am so thankful to have so much to do as that is a gift to serve others. Thanks for helping us as we get medical help for Steve and as we serve others. Many times we just see what is wrong in our lives, but I pray that we can see all the good that God is doing in our lives even in our challenges. May God bless you and may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. WE love you! Thanks for your love, prayers, friendship, and partnership in the gospel. Enjoy this devotional about being thankful! Holy Hugs!

Cloudi’s Mission Trip to Ghana


Cloudi’s Mission Trip to Ghana

More than 260,000 people in Ghana are deaf. Hearing parents often consider a deaf child to be a curse as a result of sin. This causes them to not value the deaf child. Most deaf children learn their values, morals and social behaviors from older deaf children, television or movies.

Children with hearing impairment often experience delayed development of speech, language and cognitive skills. They are often very frustrated with hearing people, especially their parents, siblings, teachers, classmates and pastors. They often say, “If you really valued (loved) me, you could learn to Sign, but I cannot learn to hear!”

The average deaf child with hearing parents, enters school with a 30-100 word vocabulary and has never understood the nuances of communication. Consequently, he has an extremely difficult time learning to read and write.

In adults, hearing impairment and deafness make it difficult to obtain, perform and keep employment. 80% of deaf and hearing-impaired people live in low- and middle-income communities. Many are either dependent on their extended family for support or resort to immoral activities to survive.

The vast majority of the deaf have no religion at all. Most have only visually seen the outward trappings of religion, and have never had it explained to them. Hearing Sunday School teachers and pastors, like hearing parents, are unable to communicate with the deaf.

Cloud’s Letter

What would it be like to be Deaf in Africa? I am Deaf and was adopted from Colombia right before I turned 6. I did not have any language when I was first adopted. God has blessed me to learn so much. I am a high school graduate and will complete my Massage Therapy School and Certifications in early December. I have been raised in a Christian missionary home. Mission work is not foreign to me. My parents and sister have all served the Lord before in various areas of Africa, but I always said, “I will NEVER go to Africa!” But now the Lord has changed my mind. I have “heard” and “SEEN” the need. Here are some facts about the Deaf in Ghana.

There are between 260,000 to 400,000 Deaf people in Ghana. The estimates vary due to illness and the shame that much of the culture holds towards deafness. Most hearing parents believe that deafness is curse that occurs due to their own sin. Parents do not see their own Deaf children as precious, but yet a reminder of their transgression. Deaf children in Ghana often face delays in cognitive skills, language, and speech. Most children with hearing parents come to school with only 30 to 100 words. They struggle to read and write. The Deaf in Ghana often grow up in lower or middle class homes and depend upon their family to support them or they survive upon livelihood from immoral activities. Most of the Deaf have no religion at all as the Church is unable to communicate with Deaf. About 2 % of the whole Ghana population is Deaf.

But maybe you wonder “How did Cloudi change her mind?” This summer I made a very special friend, Bekah Ochs who served as an intern with Expressions of Emmanuel. Bekah and her family lived for a couple of years in Ghana as missionaries. They returned to the USA so that their daughters can attend college. So once or twice a year, the Ochs will return to serve in Ghana for a few weeks. Bekah has grown to love the Deaf and want them to know Christ. Bekah saw the GREAT NEED in Ghana. Her passion has touched my heart. I too “SEE” the need and want to help. Bekah wants a friend to help her and her family with a special outreach to the Deaf from mid-December to early January. We plan to go share EOE DVDS and tracts with the Deaf in four towns(Okajakrom, Jasaikan, Amenyo, and Teteman) and one city in Ghana (ACCRA). The Ochs plan to continue their work with the Deaf after this trip. I am excited to help the Ochs get started. I also know that they are very godly family, so their character gives my family and I peace of mind about me making this trip. I also realize that I will be turning 21 in November. My Papa cannot travel internationally at this time. (due to his health), So as a young adult, I know that it is important for me to act upon my own faith, so as Isaiah, the prophet said, “Here am I, Lord send me.” (Isaiah 6)

My challenge is that I cannot go without the help of the Church, God’s People. We will be in Ghana for two to three weeks. The airline tickets are more expensive that we had originally thought due to the holidays. (Flight= $1950) The expenses for the trip will be about $850. So I need your help. Will you please pray for me? If you can, will you please financially support my trip? Two families have already supported me, so now I only need to raise $2600. That is a lot, but I pray that God will provide. Ghanaian Sign Language is different that American Sign Language, but there are lots of similarities too. I believe that our tracts, DVDS, and interaction with the people will help them know Jesus. Please pray, give, and serve. Please pray for me to be brave…. It is a little scary, but I know God will give me strength and use my life! I don’t know exactly what it is like to be Deaf and live in Africa, but I do know what it is like to be Deaf and live in North and South America. There are challenges being Deaf, but I have learned that God loves me and is with me! I want to share God’s love with the Deaf in Ghana!

Donations For Cloudi’s Africa Trip

If you would like to make a tax dedutctable donation to Cloudi’s Trip Fund, please write a note and mail your check or money order to PO Box 62, Ector, TX 75439

You can also make your donation online Click Here and in the memo line put Cloudi’s Africa Trip.

We will mail you the tax deduction receipt in January 2017.

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2016 Expressions of Emmanuel Report


2016 Expressions of Emmanuel Report

In an effort to save expenses and keep people informed quickly about Expressions of Emmanuel, we are mostly sending out mission reports via email. We realize that some of our precious friends, mission supporters, and prayer warriors do not use email so this report will briefly sum up 2016.

January 2016

The Prophecy Seminar was held in Sherman, Texas. Brother Darryl Nunnelley did a wonderful job teaching us. Those who attended really benefited from the event. Brother Darryl has also donated numerous copies of David Reagan’s book about being ready when Jesus comes again. We are very thankful for the generosity of Brother Darryl.

Jolene Sinclair came to learn and serve at the EOE mission house for a mini internship.

Cory Williams, Phoebe Kautt, Abby Kautt, and Johanna Kautt came to serve with us on videotaping Saturdays. We did several tapings in January and throughout the year. We completed many more Bible lessons and some additional songs including three songs that the summer interns signed at Deaf camp in July. Please pray for the taping and editing of these projects to be a blessing to many! We are thankful for all who help!


Selah and I assisted in interpreting for Cindy (the daughter of Linda McConnico) at a Christian women’s retreat in Denton, Texas.

Signs of Love Deaf Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas

We shared in services on February 20 and February 21. We visited new Deaf Christian, James Jones in Texarkana, Texas. James came to join us in the services in Hot Springs. God richly blessed the outreach.


Sharon Kirk began helping us as our administration assistant. Sharon has lived in Tulsa for many years. Her family will be moving to Grove, Oklahoma in early October. She will continue to help us with newsletters and music license acquisitions for our DVDs. She has worked diligently! We so appreciate her and her family!

March 20: Westview Christian Church and Deaf Outreach at First United Methodist Church in Shreveport God so blessed our fellowship and sharing on Sunday morning at Westview Christian Church. The Church helped us sponsor a new DVD. We are so thankful for them! On Sunday afternoon and evening, we had a wonderful time sharing with the Deaf from that region at the First United Methodist Church. Evon Malray planned the event so that we could share with the Deaf in a large area. God blessed our outreach with Deaf people who are eager to learn God’s Word.


Samantha Smith did a part time internship as she helped with Power Point programs, outreaches, and mission house organization. Samantha has continued to help throughout the year as she prepared two DVD covers and joined us again for the DeafNation World in Las Vegas. Samantha is now studying at Biola University. Please pray for her on this new adventure.

Our local Deaf friend, Tracy Harris was eager to work. We helped her search for a job. Her health did not allow her to work. She is doing better now. Please pray for her to find a job. She is celebrating the birth of her first grandchild. Her daughter, Marcie and husband, Devon rejoiced as Colton was born in July. Marcie Campbell has recently started coming to work in the mission office occasionally. Congratulations to and prayers for Tracy, Devon, and Marcie.

Lilly Garrett came to serve and learn with EOE for two weeks in April. Lilly edited four songs! Steve taught Lilly as well as instructed Kaylin Stanford and Jon Ellis about editing. We took Lilly, Kaylin, and Cloudi to the Deaf Deaf World event in Plano and shared DVDs with the Deaf. Lilly also joined me as I visited the homes of many Deaf people.

Vonda spoke to the Bonham Kiwanis club about Expressions of Emmanuel. We are thankful that many local businesses contributed so that The MARK OF THE LAMB could be produced. Hayley Chapman did the wonderful artwork for the DVD cover. We are so thankful to all!

Character Development Program—April 4th
We enjoyed returning to Taloga, Oklahoma where we had shared their 2015 VBS. This time we shared a character development program in the public school and invited students to their upcoming 2016 VBS. Steve used the talents of our therapy dogs, Luna and Neo to share about the importance of love and obedience. We are thankful for the generosity of Kimballs and the Christian Church in Taloga. The public school kids were very receptive. What a blessing!


DeafNation World Preparation:

By April, we had prepared by recruiting team members, teaching sign language classes to hearing team members, and all sorts of important preparation. In April and May, we had booth practice days. We are thankful to Hillcrest Christian Church for space for classes and practice.


“I am Aben’ezer (Deaf) from Ethiopia. Yesterday during our church program we watched one of your ASL song DVDs. I really loved it! I would be happy if you can send me a soft copy of it with subtitles as there is a little variation between Ethiopian Sign Language and ASL.


Some Interns Arrive: Andy, Kendra, & Hayley
All three of the interns who arrived in May jumped right in and got busy learning and serving.

Steve was having extreme pain so after trying months of chiropractic treatments, two sessions with a Christian Chinese acupuncturist, we decided that an MRI was in order as he was NOT getting better. Andy and Kendra joined Selah, Cloudi, Steve, and me to go to Dallas. The youth did some errands while Steve and I got his MRI. We had planned to go to Andres’ graduation from cosmetology school, but could not due to his late MRI. Selah, Cloudi, Kendra, and Andy went and represented us as they showed support at the graduation. Congratulations Andres’, We are proud of your hard work!

The next week the MRI showed a mass. The doctor instructed us to go to the hospital right away to confirm the mass. We went home to pack for the hospital and to allow Steve to do a little more editing teaching before we went to the hospital for Steve to be admitted. He was very ill. He was locally hospitalized from May 24 until June 2nd. Over the course of those days, I prayed and sought the Lord for wisdom. I also called and sought counsel for what the best plan for Steve. During his initial hospitalization, he was unable to eliminate waste from his body as the mass was on his sacrum and was pushing on the many nerves there. On Selah’s 21st birthday, the doctor told us that Steve had adenocarcinoma, an advanced case of non-smoker’s lung cancer. Only one tiny 8 mm mass was found in his lung, but a 6.5 cm was found in his sacrum. No other sites show masses. Because this was atypical for adenocarcinoma, and due to the fact that his bowel function was not satisfactory, we decided to leave the local hospital and go to MD Anderson in Houston to seek their expert advice. On our 10th Wedding Anniversary, Rick and Sharon Reece drove us to Houston to drop us off at the emergency room. My anniversary gift was that MD Anderson admitted him. We stayed six days in the MD Anderson hospital. Then we stayed a few more weeks nearby at the Hope Cancer Retreat.

In late June, MD Anderson told us that we needed to return to the hospital for many appointments and treatments and that we would need thousands of dollars to be seen. Over the course of a few days, people gave generously so that we could take him back to MD Anderson. We are still in the process of making sure that we thanked everyone. THANK YOU! Basically the doctor told us that we would need to start radiation and chemotherapy, BUT THE NEXT DAY… we received a call from the Physician’s Assistant with a test result that was AMAZINGLY EARLY! The PA told us that Steve had a cancer that was fueled by a DNA mutation. She joyfully explained that Steve could take two pills a day and that this targeted therapy oral chemotherapy would attack the cancer in his body, but not harm the good cells. She said that he could have a very good outcome and would probably live a normal life span. What a MIRACLE! I got off the phone and jumped up and down and said “STEVE, you are GOING TO LIVE!” We found out that this medicine would cost $400 per tablet which equals $24,000 dollars a month. I called my pharmaceutical rep friend, Janie Huff, and asked her advice. She quickly gave me the contact information for the manufacturer and they informed me that we would receive it FREELY due to our financial situation! PRAISE THE LORD! We also received advice from a homeopathic doctor in Tulsa. We have been carefully pursuing all avenues to find healing for Steve. Naaman from the Old Testament was willing to dip in the River Jordan, seven times… so we want to be willing to do whatever we need to do. We have been using a lot of supplements. In order to continue treatments at MD Anderson, we have more than $1500 dollars of expenses monthly. We are working on all of the bills and are grateful for the generosity that we have received.

Praise God for the Faith and Endurance of our beloved interns! James 1:2-4 says, “Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything.”

As Steven and Vonda were away handling Steve’s medical condition for 31 days, (4 weeks) the interns, (Andy, Kendra, and Hayley) were left with the task of taking care of the house, editing testimonies, getting the new DVDS done, and doing administrative responsibilities for Expressions of Emmanuel. Selah and Cloudi also helped oversee the care of the interns. It was a surprise that took us all by storm. We didn’t expect this, nor did we wish for it. It was an emotional roller coaster, but we stuck together in prayer and rose to the occasion. And guess what? God helped through the challenges!

Right before Selah’s internship started in Colorado Springs, CO. Andy Lobaugh drove Selah’s car 14 hours for her to Colorado, so that she would not be exhausted at the start of her internship with Focus on the Family.

Laura Skinner and family, and Sherry Lococo came to help oversee the internship program in June while Steven and I sought the best medical care. Laura helped interns keep on track and helped give wisdom as we patiently endured testing. She also helped oversee provisions for the interns. Sherry drove from Missouri and stayed at the EOE mission house for two weeks and led the sign language class so that the interns could learn sign language and to be ready for our DeafNation outreach in Las Vegas. It was wonderful and fun to for the interns to have Laura and Sherry come and accompany them. During this time, the two other interns, Autumn and Bekah came and joined the group. It was nice for them to have extra set of hands to help. All of the interns including Laura and Sherry are heroes as they worked diligently to finish tasks that we left for them. God had provided a way for Steve to get medical care and for the internship program to still thrive. In late June, Steve and I were able to come back home and continue leading the internship program. Thanks to Laura and Sherry for leading the program in our absence.

The interns had the opportunity to enjoy Deaf Awareness Day at Six Flags Over Texas. This was just another way for them to learn about the Deaf Community and also have fun. The interns were involved in serving the local Deaf community, a Deaf Camp at Isaiah’s Place, the DeafNation world and serving at the EOE mission house. At the end of the summer, they went to small zoo to celebrate. We praise God for Andy, Kendra, Hayley, Autumn, Bekah, Jolene, Samantha, Kaylin, Michael, and Lilly who served with us this year. The interns came from: Oklahoma, Oregon, Alaska, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas. Our goal in having internships is providing opportunities to serve and learn in Deaf missionary work. We need to train other faithful servants of God to reach out and share Jesus with the Deaf.

This was a GREAT opportunity for EOE to reach out to masses of Deaf people.

THIS SUMMER WE ATTENDED THE DEAFNATION WORLD IN LAS VEGAS. (JULY 5-8, 2016) WHERE THOUSANDS OF DEAF PEOPLE ATTENDED. WE PRAYED FOR 25-35 WORKERS ,BUT GOD GAVE US MORE! 44 (and one 5 month old baby) served. The following were members of the amazing Expressions of Emmanuel team in Las Vegas: Janie Huff, Danette Pellatz, Ariel Dotson, Steven Hamilton and Vonda Hamilton (leaders), Selah Burnett, Cloudi Bland, Summer 2016 Interns, Tare Hankins, Minerva Allard, Christopher Allard, Keisha Allard, Mary Parsons, Jay and Dinah Reid, Michelle Smith, Erin LaRue, Cortney Smith, Joey Martinez, Darryl Nunnelley, Angela Turner, Mayre Kemnitz, John DeNava, Jr., Roxie DeNava, Virginia Hite, Pastor Gerald and Terry Lynn Michau, Carey Lewis, Lamont Dolton, Cassy Huff, Cady Pellatz, Corrina Pellatz, Allen Kemnitz, Joshua Kemnitz, Baby Pellatz.

These team member came from the following states: Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, and Wyoming! God brought this wonderful team together. We shared thousands of DVDs and tracts with the thousands of Deaf people. Please pray for God to bless the seeds of this work.

Darryl Nunnelley and Joey Martinez worked diligently carrying on a truck much of the booth supplies and equipment. So many individuals gave, served, prayed, and encouraged us so that this was a successful outreach. Many lives were also touched by the testimony videos that were shown. Thanks to Betty Fulk, Nancy Gallemore, Ashley Stephens, and Selah and Cloudi for sharing their testimonies. Thanks to all who helped. Please continue to pray for God to use the DVDs and tracts to touch many lives!

The interns had the opportunity to enjoy Deaf Awareness Day at Six Flags Over Texas. This was just another way for them to learn about the Deaf Community and also have fun. The interns were involved in serving the local Deaf community, a Deaf Camp at Isaiah’s Place, the DeafNation world and serving at the EOE mission house. At the end of the summer, they went to small zoo to celebrate. We praise God for Andy, Kendra, Hayley, Autumn, Bekah, Jolene, Samantha, Kaylin, Michael, and Lilly who served with us this year. The interns came from: Oklahoma, Oregon, Alaska, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas. Our goal in having internships is providing opportunities to serve and learn in Deaf missionary work. We need to train other faithful servants of God to reach out and share Jesus with the Deaf.



THIS SUMMER WE ATTENDED THE DEAFNATION WORLD IN LAS VEGAS. (JULY 5-8, 2016) WHERE THOUSANDS OF DEAF PEOPLE ATTENDED. WE PRAYED FOR 25-35 WORKERS ,BUT GOD GAVE US MORE! 44 (and one 5 month old baby) served. The following were members of the amazing Expressions of Emmanuel team in Las Vegas: Janie Huff, Danette Pellatz, Ariel Dotson, Steven Hamilton and Vonda Hamilton (leaders), Selah Burnett, Cloudi Bland, Summer 2016 Interns, Tare Hankins, Minerva Allard, Christopher Allard, Keisha Allard, Mary Parsons, Jay and Dinah Reid, Michelle Smith, Erin LaRue, Cortney Smith, Joey Martinez, Darryl Nunnelley, Angela Turner, Mayre Kemnitz, John DeNava, Jr., Roxie DeNava, Virginia Hite, Pastor Gerald and Terry Lynn Michau, Carey Lewis, Lamont Dolton, Cassy Huff, Cady Pellatz, Corrina Pellatz, Allen Kemnitz, Joshua Kemnitz, Baby Pellatz.

These team member came from the following states: Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, and Wyoming! God brought this wonderful team together. We shared thousands of DVDs and tracts with the thousands of Deaf people. Please pray for God to bless the seeds of this work.

Deaf People. Please pray for God to bless the seeds of this work.

Darryl Nunnelley and Joey Martinez worked diligently carrying on a truck much of the booth supplies and equipment. So many individuals gave, served, prayed, and encouraged us so that this was a successful outreach. Many lives were also touched by the testimony videos that were shown. Thanks to Betty Fulk, Nancy Gallemore, Ashley Stephens, and Selah and Cloudi for sharing their testimonies. Thanks to all who helped. Please continue to pray for God to use the DVDs and tracts to touch many lives!


August – 2016

Isaiah’s Place EOE Deaf Youth Camp

The EOE interns went to Isaiah’s Place in Whitney, Texas to help with a youth camp that reached Deaf teens and children and their siblings. Some parents also attended. The youth were very attentive and receptive to the Bible teaching. We shared visual dramas, DVDS, Scripture memory, games, and crafts. Everyone had a wonderful time. We are thankful for Diane Frederickson, the director. She made us feel so welcomed! The interns as well as one of the Deaf college age girls participated in the taping of three Christian songs that will go on a future DVD. Soon after this camp, the interns returned to their homes. We are so blessed!

Focus on the Family and Colorado Deaf Outreach.

Early in August, I (Vonda) flew to Colorado to help Selah drive back to Texas. This trip also gave me the opportunity to learn about the wonderful internship experience that Selah had at Focus of the Family. Her counseling internship really showed her that she wants to counsel. We were able to give DVDs out in Colorado to the Deaf School, Deaf Churches, to some of the FOTF interns (one taking the DVDs to Moody Bible Institute), and to Focus on the Family. We are thankful that Selah was able to intern with FOTF and to stay with the Kemnitz and Holt families. Larry and Debbie Holt also welcomed me while I visited in Colorado Springs. I am also thankful to our cousin, Melodee Wise and family who were supportive to Selah. Selah and I traveled back to Texas via Kansas where we visited my Ozark sign student and Happy Hands co-worker, Tricia Buckingham and family. Her family graciously hosted us and we had great visit. Selah and I also visited in the Tulsa and Sapulpa area for a few days. Cloudi was at home happily taking care of her Papa for me. Selah and I stayed with the Huffs and Allards. It was a joy to see Gerry Westlake. She spoke words of blessing and encouragement to both Selah and me. WE had no idea this would be our last visit with her as she went to be with the Lord on September 12th. Gerry was among the first people in the Deaf ministry at First Christian Church in Sapulpa to whom I ministered. The truth is Gerry ministered to me as she encouraged me as I taught Bible classes, interpreted, and did outreaches. The MORE DVD is being made in her honor. The HOLY HUGS DVD is being made in the memory of Chuck Hawkins of Boise City, Oklahoma. Chuck and Sandy have been very encouraging supporters over the years. Please pray for these families as they grieve their loved ones.

Cache Christian Church

We were thankful to join the Cache Christian Church of Cache, Ok at the Sandy Lake Park in Texas for a day of fellowship. We gave DVDs to be shared with the Church.

Visiting with Dale Dickison/Christian Camping

Steve’s childhood friend (friends since they were five years old) came to visit! Dale is supportive friend and has generously supported EOE. We thank God for the short, but fun visit! We also enjoyed Labor Day weekend with the Reids and Parkers. We are thankful for our friends! We are thankful for you.

Please just keep praying for Steve. He says, “I want to live and serve my Lord. We have LOTS left to do! “

DVD Production Website/Social Media

Steve and I continue to work rigorously on DVD projects. Although the interns did a fantastic job working on the DVDs, there was still much to do. Just last week, Steve sent off Walk With Love: Two Feet Forward to be duplicated. He hopes to send More and Holy Hugs off on Monday. Please pray for these projects.

Before October 23rd, we hope to finish the Shalom Bible Lessons from Israel. Please pray for God’s blessings on these projects.

Steven Carr, Bethany Santillian, and others from Your Web Pro LLC. of Lubbock have worked feverishly helping us with the art designs for many DVDs. They continue to update our website and help us with social media. God is using our Social Media outreaches in a powerful way.

September: Cherry Hill Women’s Retreat and FCC, Mena, Arkansas
Sharing as the main speaker for the Women’s Retreat at Cherry Hill Christian Camp near Mena, Arkansas was a treasure. Hearts were tender to the Lord. Pastor Gerald and Sister Terry Lynn Michau came to participate with us on Friday night. We met a mother and her 24-year-old Deaf daughter who was never permitted to learn to sign. Please pray for this family as they seek to find a place for her to learn. The Michaus and EOE are looking for possible plans to help this family. We gave them all of our DVDs to help her learn sign language.

We were blessed to stay with Dick and Joyce Hansen in Mena, and then share a mission presentation at First Christian Church in Mena. The Hansons and the whole church were very generous. Phillip and Ann Hatley plan to help us with our December prison outreach. Great things happened in Mena. Praise the Lord!

In early September, Steve did a whole battery of tests at MD Anderson. The doctors were very pleased. His organ function and blood counts are good. The cancer has not spread to any other location and has been shrinking. Although it just shrank slightly, the doctor was very impressed after only two months of the medication. He said, “You need to thank God.” We assured him that we are thanking God. We are looking for God’s healing hand to completely heal him. We thank the Lord for your prayers, gifts, and love. Please continue to pray. In order to get the care that we need, we need to raise at least $1500 dollars of monthly support for his medical care. We have one church that will not be able to support us after December of this year, so this seems like a HUGE challenge, but nothing is too difficult for God. Please just prayerfully consider supporting Expressions of Emmanuel or EOE’s medical fund for Steve.

Ways to give a tax deductible contribution:

You can give via PayPal by accessing our website atexpressionsofemmanuel.com.
or by giving via Chase: Go online to Chase Quick Pay – This money will go into our Mission Account Use Steve’s email address hamilton.steven@gmail.com
or mail to the following address: Expressions of Emmanuel, P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439

For more information on how you can help, you can call me at 903-449-6328
In spite of his health challenges, Steve went to help us in Las Vegas, and has been busy working on editing DVDs. He has some challenging side effects at times, but we are thankful.


Thanks to the following artists for their help with DVD covers: Miranda and Jackie O’Connor, Bethany Santillian, Samantha Smith, Sharita Isringhouse, and Brent Burden. Thanks to the following for sponsoring DVDs: Bonham area businesses, Christian Church of Anchorage, Westview Christian Church, Sandy Hawkins, Darryl Nunnelley, Hillcrest Christian Church, the Colemans, and others.
Would you consider sponsoring one of these upcoming DVDS?

Vonda at Cherry HiIl Women’s Retreat and FCC, Mena, AK
We were blessed to stay with Dick and Joyce Hansen in Mena, and then share a mission presentation at First Christian Church in Mena. The Hansons and the whole church were very generous. Phillip and Ann Hatley plan to help us with our December prison outreach. Great things happened in Mena. Praise the Lord


10/02/16 EOE Advisory Council and Oklahoma Outreaches Sapulpa and Cache Christian Church, Cache, Oklahoma.

10/23/16—11/07/16 Alaska Mission Reporting and Outreaches:FACC,KCC,PCC,HCC,
CCA, and Faith Christian Community Deaf Church (They are generously providing our transportation and housing.)

12/04—12/09/16 Huntsville and Houston Outreach

12/7/16 7 to 9pm Huntsville Prison Outreach to both Deaf and Hearing: Phillip and Ann Hatley from Mena, AR joining us.

Thank you so much for praying, giving, and serving. We continue to go to MD Anderson once a month. We will continue to send regular email reports. If you would like an email report, please contact us at vondabland@msn.com Since this Fall and Winter will be busy with outreaches and doctors’ appointments, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas months in advance! We love you! May God abundantly bless you! Holy Hugs!

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22 Signs You Should Know! #22 Continue

To sign “continue,” you take your thumbs, facing away from your body, make the thumbnail and thumb touch the adjacent thumbnail and thumb and push the thumbs that are held together outwards.

Deaf Ministries can be tough, but together we must continue for God will bless our efforts if we don’t give up. “And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap a harvest if we faint not.” (Galatians 6:9)

So, continue on! See what the Lord will do in you, with you, in spite of you, and for you to bring Him glory! If you continue serving the Lord, you will see Deaf people come to Christ! Enjoy learning and using these twenty-two signs and also remember, John 4:35 says, “Open your eyes. Look at the fields that are ready for harvesting now!”

continue-1 continue-2

22 Signs You Should Know! #21 Flexible

Take your dominant hand and clasp the tips of the fingers of your other hand (which is positioned sideways) and bend those fingers!

In God’s work – you must be flexible! God is the Potter and you are the Clay! Be ready for the unexpected challenges at times and also unexpected blessings! Be ready and be flexible so that God can “tweek” you to do whatever He wants you to do to get His purposes accomplished.

When working with Deaf people, you will find various signs! Even in sign choices, be flexible and use the signs that the Deaf people in your life use! Be flexible in the Potter’s Hands and He will do great things with you!


22 Signs You Should Know! #20 Pray

Put your hands together, palms touching!

“Be faithful in prayer!” (Romans 12:12b) The challenges, no matter how big, won’t be insurmountable when you trust God in prayer! God allowed David to conquer the giant! God will help you conquer, too, in your Deaf mission work when you pray. Romans 12:16c says, “Pray at all times!”


22 Signs You Should Know! #19 Anyways/Regardless/It doesn’t matter

This is one of my favorite signs. You take two flattened hands (palms facing towards the body), slapping and hitting past each other several times.

This sign does not mean apathy. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about people. It means that you carry on in spite of the challenges. Many “little” challenges will not mean much in the span of eternity. Forgive! Move on in spite of the challenges.

Romans 12:17-19 says, “If someone does wrong to you, do not pay him back by doing wrong to him. Try to do what everyone thinks is right. Do your best to live in peace with everyone. My friends, do not try to punish others when they wrong you, but wait for God to punish them with His anger. It is written: ‘I will punish those who do wrong; I will repay them,’ says the Lord.” Do not repay anyone evil for evil!

anyway-1 anyway-2/div>

22 Signs You Should Know! #18 Support

Take your dominant fist straight upwards, underneath your other fist, which you want to position sideways.

Rally the whole church to support the local Deaf Ministry, as well as other Deaf mission organizations. If the whole church does not “roll up their sleeves” and help reach out with the Gospel, then how will the Deaf hear?

There are an estimated 250 million Deaf people in this world, yet only 1-2 percent of that number are Christians! The one to two percent of the Deaf population who are Christians need the support of the whole church to reach out to massed of Deaf people who need to know Christ. We must all work together supporting one another to share the Gospel!

support-1 support-2

22 Signs You Should Know! #17 Patience

To sign patience, you take the thumb of your dominant hand and rub it down under your nose straight downward over your lips and to the bottom of your chin. When working with people we need to be patient with each other.

Romans 12:12b says, “Be patient when trouble comes.” We need to be patient as we share the Gospel with Deaf people and their families. God is patient, so we should be, too! “God is being patient with you! He wants everyone to change their heart and life!” (2 Peter 3:9) HAVE PATIENCE!

patience-1 patience-2

22 Signs You Should Know! #16 Hope

Deaf mission work can be discouraging for both Deaf and hearing Christians who are seeking to share the Gospel! You might see Deaf Ministries grow and shrink. You might invite lots of people to come and do outreach and have absolutely no one show up! But don’t be saddened! You are sharing Jesus, our Blessed Hope! He will give you hope in the sharing of His love! He promised that He will harvest souls. We just have to share. If your Deaf ministry is just starting out or is very small, don’t despair – God is pleased when we share with even one lost sheep. A Deaf ministry is a worthy undertaking if it only reaches just one soul! But also press on, for God can help you reach others, too!

To sign “hope,” you take two flat upright hands and bend them in half at the sides of your head and slightly above your head (one hand is higher than the other) and you look upwards with anticipation.

We need hope and vision to march ahead sharing Christ! “Be joyful in hope,” (Romans 12:12) and “Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he!” (Proverbs 29:18)


22 Signs You Should Know! #15 Joy / Happy

You sign “joy” by having two open thumb flat hands moving in an upward circle in front of the chest, with a joyful expression on your face.

We need to rejoice in the Lord! We need to spread joy. If we want blessings to fall on our Deaf Ministries, we need promote joy! “The joy of the Lord is my strength!” (Nehemiah 8:10)


22 Signs You Should Know! #14 Peace

This sign is made by two flat palms touching each other which then twist downward to each side of one’s body to represent the calmness – like the calm after the storm.

It is a lovely sign that represents what God wants in our lives. Jesus calmed the storm. Life is challenging. We need to share the peace that the Prince of Peace, Jesus, gives. We need to promote love and kindness in Deaf ministries. Romans 12:16 says, “Live in peace with each other.”

peace=1 peace-2 peace-3 peace-4

22 Signs You Should Know! #13 See with your eyes

When the Deaf learn God’s Word, they receive it through their eyes! The sign “see with your eyes = receptive skills” is done by taking your dominant hand and taking the index finger, middle finger, and thumb and making a clawing motion with the thumb resting on the corner of your eye. The same hand shape is made over the heart (the area that everyone says is your heart!) with your thumb leaning against your chest to signify seeing/hearing with your heart.

These signs are important because we need to receive God’s Word fully and “hear” with our heart. But, it is also important to be a good listener and learn to read sign language well so that you can truly communicate on a deep level with Deaf people. Many Deaf people are frustrated when people only want to use expressions signs but don’t care to strive to understand what the Deaf have to say. Learning to sign and read sign language requires time and patient effort. Make it your goal to sign and read sign language! God can empower you to communicate! Ask Him and keep growing. Make sure to “see” with your heart and your eyes!


22 Signs You Should Know! #12 Hold

This sign is important to know because there are always distractions in life and you don’t want to look away from the Deaf, ignoring them for every sound you hear or every hearing person that speaks to you! Losing eye contact and looking away without asking to “hold” is very rude!

For the sign “hold,” take one fist arm upright and move it slightly up and down. If you sign “please hold,” you show respect, and after addressing a pressing interruption you can finish your conversation. If it is not a pressing interruption, ask the other person who wants to talk to please “hold.” This sign will help you show respect to all.

The sign “hold” can also be a variant of the sign trust! If the same hand shape moves slightly up and down while you look to God with a trusting expression (as if holding onto an imaginary rope) it will signify holding on with faith in God! If we want to endure and be faithful in Deaf Ministry, we must hold on to God’s unseen hand! Only He can hold us and give advancement for His Kingdom!

hold-1 hold-2

Clean on the Inside

Clean on the Inside
Click photo to play video

Spring cleaning! It is time to sweep… get everything dusted… clean out the closets, and let the sun shine into our homes! But more importantly…let’s take time to open our hearts and let Jesus clean us from our sins. Let’s ask God to forgive us and help us obey Him more! If we truly repent and confess our sins, we are spiritually CLEAN if we sin again.. we need to get down and repent… ask for forgiveness again and let God clean our hearts! We need to know that God really forgives… “1 John 1:9 But if we confess our sins, He(God)will forgive our sins, because we can trust God to do what is right. He (God) will cleanse us from all the wrongs we have done. We don’t just want to be clean on outside, but on the inside! With Jesus we can have clean hearts! Enjoy this FUN ASL song, “Clean on the Inside” and get ready for some spiritual Spring cleaning of your heart!

The Word

The Word
Click photo to play video

Sometimes every person will say words and think that what they are saying is right and then later… people find out “OOPS, my bad! I am wrong!” Even really intelligent, smart geniuses make mistakes and their words are not always perfect. BUT God’s word… the Bible is what we need. We can trust God’s word. The song talks about the fact that we get clothes and get tired of the clothes and give them way… things change… but God’s word stays the same. We can depend on God’s Word! Hebrews 4:12″ God’s word is alive and working and is sharper than a double-edged sword. It cuts all the way into us, where the soul and the spirit are joined, to the center of our joints and bones. And it judges the thoughts and feelings in our hearts.” Every new day…. I love the Word of God more… read, watch, love the Word of God! God’s word is our strength!

22 Signs You Should Know! #11 Pouring out your heart to one another

This is more of a mimed sign. You take your two clasped hands over your heart and open them up and extend them outwards if sharing with another person, or upwards if talking to God and bring that sign back and forth in the same motions – showing the hearts truly sharing.

God wants koinonia, the Greek word for “deep fellowship!” Everyone longs to share on a deep level. Romans 12:0 says, “Be devoted to one another in love.” Helen Keller, who was Deaf and blind, said, “Blindness separates people from things, but Deafness separates people from people.” Does Deafness separate people from God? Of course not! But in the heart of the Deaf, just like anyone, there is a longing to share deeply. Christians, whether Deaf or hearing, need to reach out and share Christ’s love. We can only do this well if the church seeks to be unified and love one another.

The church then must love the lost! This takes pouring out our heart in prayer to God and sharing on a deep level together. People are tired of surface relationships. Let’s help people have a deep relationship with God! Let us each strive to grow closer to God and offer the world the freedom of pouring out their hearts to God to know Him deeply.

heart-1 heart-2

The Father Loves Me

The Father loves me
Click photo to play video

Sometimes I work SO HARD… my husband, Steve, will ask me ,”Are you having fun?” He asks me that question to remind me that life is not just work…. that life is really about ENJOYING God and others and knowing that we have a GOOD REASON to celebrate! What is that good reason to celebrate? It is really simple! The Father (God) loves us! Be like a little kid! Stop and think!” WOW my Father God loves me!” Stop and have some fun and celebrate….. GOD LOVES YOU! Enjoy my sliding backwards as I Share this ASL song, “The Father Loves Me.” The little kids who watch this always say,” Miss Vonda, How do you slide backwards????” Even if you cannot dance well, do a happy dance…. Jesus loves you! Stop and think about it while you watch this PLAYFUL song!

Steve’s Urgent Medical Story!

Currently I sit in a cabin at the Hope Cancer Retreat in Splendora, Texas. We have been here little more than a week. Many of our friends and family have prayed, cared, called, and helped in so many ways. We are so thankful. We want to explain how our journey led us here. We want to testify to the Lord’s work in our lives. We want also alert you about Steve’s current needs.

In October of 2015, we traveled to the International Conference on Missions, to share at Deaf Church in Richmond, VA, and then to Washington D. C. to see our Capitol and to visit dear Andy Lobaugh and see Gallaudet University. While on that trip, Steve began having some numbness in his toes. He had just started chiropractic care a couple of weeks earlier. We were perplexed, but when we returned we continued chiropractic care. X-Rays were taken that showed that Steve had some lower disks at the bottom of his spine that was bone upon bone. He has very small discs between his vertebrae. Steve had a lot of pain over the following months. Our chiropractor was excellent, but I urged Steve to go for further testing. Steve chose to just persevere, thinking that his pain was due to his small or virtually missing discs in his spine. (more…)

Past the Wishing

Past the wishing
Click photo to play video

Pennies, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels… coins… pocket change… sometimes people will throw them in a wishing well for fun and make a wish…. well that is cute, but we DON’T need to do that! We can pray for God to help us with our wishes… desires if they are God’s desires too. Psalm 37:4 ” Enjoy serving the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. ” Sometimes we pray, but we do not move with faith. We need to pray, be wise and consider, but we also need to move with faith. If we are praying for rain, we need to have an umbrella ready! It is SO funny that the church in Acts 12 was praying for Peter to get out prison, but when God freed Peter and Peter went to the house church and knocked on the door, the church did not believe Peter was at the door! The Church thought Peter was still in prison. We need to believe that God answers prayer. The house church was AMAZED! We need to pray and move serving the Lord and not just wish, but be willing to PRAY and WORK serving God. Let’s not only TALK about loving and serving God, let’s REALLY LOVE and SERVE God! Enjoy this ASL song, ” Past the Wishing”.

22 Signs You Should Know! #10 Thank You

You take either one or two stiff flat hands (fingers together) and extend them outward to people or God in a motion similar to blowing kisses.

thank-you-1 thank-you-2If a Deaf ministry is going to be great we need to thank God for the blessings and challenges, as well as thanking others for their help and deeds of kindness. Jesus was serious about the importance of thankfulness! We should be, too! (Remember the lepers in Matthew 11?)


I can do all things
Click photo to play video

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength.” This is a WONDERFUL verse that can give us courage! We need to understand that this may not mean that we can do everything…. for example… I CAN’T really dance well. I can have fun moving around a little and it is a little funny… but I cannot Dance. When I get to heaven, I will be a great dancer, but for now… I just have to do my best and move around a little for Jesus! You may not be able to DO everything, but the things that GOD wants you to do, even if you are not GREAT at those things… He will help you. If you have little food or lots of food, little money or lots of money… we need to learn to be happy and trust God, and let Him use us! God will give His children the strength and ability to do what He wants us to do! So if you have not memorized this verse! I challenge you to memorize Philippians 4:13! Enjoy this ASL song, “I can do all things!”

22 Signs You Should Know! #9 Please

Take your dominant hand and stretch it out flat with your fingers together. Place it on your chest and move it in a circle. This sign can mean different things with different expressions. If you have a pleading look, it means “please.” If you do that sign with a pleasant expression it means to be pleased or to enjoy.

pleaseThese signs are important because having manners always makes ministry more successful! Always seeking to rejoice in the Lord and enjoy yourself as you serve Him should always be your goal! You want to hear God say, “Well done, I am well pleased with you my good and faithful servant.” Learn to sign and live out the word “please” and you will be blessed in your ministry!

22 Signs You Should Know! #8 Belong

This sign is done by clasping two “F” hand shapes together, connected by the pointer fingers and the thumbs. That connection sign means “belong,” “of,” “connect,” and “unite.” When you move that shape together in a circle it means “unity.”

belongIf we are going to have effective Deaf Ministries we will need to have unity. In John 17, Jesus cried out in prayer for the church to be unified. That should be our heart’s cry, too!


CLick photo to play video

As Mothers and Fathers… we need to realize that our choices not only influence our own children… but our choices influence generations! Lord, please help us follow you and lead our families to follow You (Jesus) too. In Jesus Name! AMEN!  God bless you and your family! Holy Hugs!

In the Garden

In the Garden
Click photo to play video

My Mama had a “Green Thumb” meaning that she was really good at growing plants and trees. I enjoyed working with her as she planted many flowers. As a young child, I remember her singing the hymn (song), “In the Garden”. That song is wonderful as it shows that we need to pray! So please enjoy this song, but enjoy the flowers! But it is most important to enjoy time in prayer with God! Holy Hugs!

22 Signs You Should Know! #7

#7) “With/Together”

“With” is your two thumbs up, clenched together. The sign “together” is the same shapes moved around in a circular motion.

with-1 with-2If you are to minister to any specific people group, including the Deaf, it is imperative that you work with – not above or over – but with the Deaf! Since the Deaf know firsthand the needs of the Deaf, they can really help you be effective. God wants us to work together as equals. That is why the two thumbs are on an equal plane. We need to humbly work together.

Looking To You

Being a parent is not an easy job! It is wonderful, hard, and worth it, but it is not easy. Sometimes the hardest jobs are the most rewarding! Parents, we need to remember that we are ALL in need of Jesus’ help in every way. This ASL song, “Looking to you” reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books by Eric Carle. ” Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” The book always responds back… ” I see a….. looking at me!” Great book to read with your kids, but more importantly… .our kids are always looking to us! We need to look to Jesus for His help to raise children and to even help our adult children. Look to Jesus… teach your friends and family to Look to Jesus too. The best way to do that is to always keep looking to Jesus! Holy Hugs

Sharing Around the World

We have a lovely contact in Shanghai, China. Who has worked with the Baobei Foundation as a Healing Home Manager for the past 5 years. Baobei Foundation is an organization that provides lifesaving surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans. The name Baobei, which means “precious” or “precious child” in Chinese. Baobei believes that each child is precious and has a unique contribution to make to the world. They have provided over 200 surgeries for over 100 orphans. These orphan who were near death are now happy, healthy, and living with permanent families.

This friend work helps heal children every day not only physically, but emotionally ans spiritually too. There is an old little girl who is deaf and will be adopted to America soon. She can read lips in Chinese and speak a little bit. Our friend has started teaching her ASL. Her new family is also learning to sign. There’s a possibility that she will be in our friend’s home this summer while her foster family is traveling to take her home. This way she can teach her everyday signs easier as well. There aren’t many people in her area of China who know ASL.

We are so honored that we could provide this friend with our DVDs to help teach this lovely little girl to sign to her new family. Please pray for many blessing for this child. God has opened the door for us to help this friend in their teaching and to bless many more with knowledge of learning ALS.

Beautiful Child

Beautiful Child
Click photo to view video

Dear Selah Joy… You are indeed a beautiful young woman… I am thankful that you live for Jesus! I am thankful for your life! In this May Month of Mother… I realize that your birthday is coming up soon… June 1st… WOW… you will be 21! I celebrate your life. We all love you! May all parents be inspired to see the beauty of God in each of their children! Praise the Lord for the gift and challenge of parenting! Embrace your children, grandchildren, and friends! Holy Hugs!

22 Signs You Should Know! #6

#6) “Welcome”

Take your dominant hand (the one you write with) and with it flat and palm extending upwards (out in front and to the side of you), bring your hand and arm nestled to your side.

welcome-1 welcome-2This is an important sign because you want to extend a warm welcome of love, kindness and belonging to Deaf people!

THE MONTH OF MOTHER: Life is precious! Cherish it.

Celebrate this heartbeat
Click photo to view video

This song has my two daughters and my mama in it. My mama went to be with the Lord in 2011 along with one of my precious sisters. I miss them, but I celebrate that they are in heaven. I am thankful… that both of my dear daughters, Selah Joy Burnett and Cloudi Berea Bland are both alive… as on June 13… they were in a very serious accident. Thanks be to God that their lives were spared. Let’s love one another… life is a gift! Holy Hugs!

Sign Language Around The World

We love to hear that our DVDs touch and help people. We love it even more when it comes from around the world. It always amazes me how one DVD or even one song can make such a difference. Sign language around the world is not all the same. In America we use ASL (American Sign Language). There are other nations that use ASL too, however all countries have their own regional signs. Many countries have some or extreme differences in their sign language systems. The wonderful news is that all sign language uses expressions, gestures, and mime… so this is very helpful for people using different sign language systems to be able to understand each other. Our DVDs are used in many countries around the world. This last year, a Deaf Church in Ethiopia received all of our DVDs. This church regularly uses our DVDs.

Here some of the comments we are getting about our work.


I am Aben’ezer, (Deaf) From Ethiopia. Yesterday during our church program we watched the ASL song DVD. I really loved it. There is a little variation between Ethiopian Sign-Language and ASL. I believe that if you could add subtitles will reduce the language confusion.
A NOTE FROM VONDA:(If we had more staff, we would be able to address this need… but right now we are swamped (SUPER BUSY)… please pray for more workers, because we would love to caption everything.

Benton, Louisiana, USA

Thank you so much! I have been meaning to tell you how much we have enjoyed your DVDs. Patty Warmack and Mathis Glenda bought 2 for my children. They absolutely love them. They have watched them over and over and have them almost memorized. Both of them sign and sing the songs. My almost 2 year old also goes around saying “boomshockalocka” Lol!!! Thank you for doing these. I love hearing my children singing these songs even when the video isn’t on. Hugs! – Angie Benton Evans

We would love to hear from you! Please email us or comment on our Facebook page. Tell us how we are doing and how our DVDs have helped you.

Remember Surrender!

Remember Surrender
Click photo to view video

Congratulations to dear Ashley Hudspeth and all of the other college and high school graduate friends of ours! We love you. We are proud of you! Ashley… here is a song that you edited! Great job! I am glad that you live your life to be surrendered to Jesus! Keep up the good work of serving our Lord! Congratulations to all the precious graduates! Enjoy this song… and remember to surrender your lives daily to Him! Holy Hugs! and CAPS OFF TO you!

The Month of MOTHER: Mama’s Song

mama-s song 14
Click photo to view video

Here is a video that features my dear mama. We need to remember and cherish all the good in our lives, and follow the good examples. Every earthly parent is imperfect, but we need to seek to see where our parents have followed Jesus and follow their good examples. We need to seek to not follow bad examples. We all have a fresh start… to follow Jesus. Let’s love the new generations with the love of Christ. I have had many challenges and heartbreaks in life, but I am grateful that my mother taught me to love Jesus. She set a good example for me. She prayed daily for me while I was in her womb that I would serve the Lord. As the preacher’s wife… she could daily go and pray in the church sanctuary. We need to pray for our children, grandchildren, and our extended Christian family. One of the greatest recent discoveries that I have had… IS THAT PRAYERS DON’T HAVE EXPIRATION DATES… (got this revelation from the author, Mark Batterson) so the prayers that my mother prayed years ago… are still be fulfilled. The prayers that you have prayed… can still come to fruition. So pray… don’t become weary of well doing. God is our parent… who never leaves us! Happy Mother’s Day! Holy Hugs!

22 Signs You Should Know! #5

#5) “What is your name?”

Two hands, palms up, in a slightly clawed shape, moving back and forth mean “what.” “Your” is a flat palm directed toward a person. “Name” is two fingers (index and middle) on top of the same fingers on the other hand.

name-1 name-2 name-3Use sign language to get to really know Deaf people! Become friends with Deaf people! Know and love the Deaf! Let the Deaf know and love you! Remember, knowing someone’s name shows love and interest!

Angels Watching Over Me

Angels watching over me
Click photo to view video

Happy 30th Birthday to my son, Andres Luke Burnett. It was only 21 years ago… when I went to bring you from Colombia. I love you very much. I pray for God’s blessings on your life! I praise God for the angels that are watching over you and me! God bless you, son! Love to you from Papa, Mama, Selah Joy Burnett, and Cloudi Berea Bland!  We are proud for you about soon finishing your schooling! Congratulations!  For all parents… I pray that we always keep praying for our children… no matter how old that they are! Holy Hugs!

The Month of MOTHER: Mother Mary devotion

Mother Mary
Click photo to view video

Mothers… we should honor and respect them. Mary, the mother of Jesus… was God’s humble servant to be the mother of Jesus. Mary should not be worshiped, but her example is worthy of honor. Mary worshiped Jesus! We should worship Jesus. Jesus is worthy of all praise! When people fail… we can always trust that Jesus will be with us. Happy Mother’s Day! Holy Hugs!

When I’m An Old Woman

When I-m an old woman

You need to be nice to your Mothers… Be careful!


roadA Deaf Lady in Shreveport was shocked that we live in Bonham. She told us that her Deaf friend, Ginger, just moved there. I began a search which led to Ginger’s Bonham apt manager who also works at apts right beside Hillcrest Christian Church in McKinney! The manager got me in contact with Ginger, and also a new Deaf lady who moved into the McKinney apts… the VERY DAY that I made the call. Hillcrest and EOE will have the opportunity to reach out not only to this Deaf lady, but GOD opened doors for a weekly Bible study at the apts. The manager will also encourage the able-bodied residents to go to

School Character Development Update

Old Lady

We had a wonderful time at the public school in Taloga, Oklahoma. We were able to teach all of the children in the elementary and kindergarten program. They were all very receptive. We taught the following truths using dramas, props, videos, and a dog show featuring Neo and Luna: You are special, others are special, honor your mothers… or other special women in your life, honor, respect, and obey authority (if people are telling you to do good things!), live, love, forgive, and never give up, love and help others, we all need each other, don’t keep doing bad things like a dog eating its vomit, don’t be lazy, have good clean fun, don’t be stubborn like a mule, and make sure not to “swallow” lies! Neo taught us the important of love! Luna taught us the importance of obeying! The “Old Lady” taught us to sign a lot of animal signs, to have fun, and to not believe lies… for example… (You are special, don’t believe you are not! It is not okay to steal or be mean, so do not believe those lies! Don’t swallow lies!)

Steve, Cloudi, and I traveled to and from Taloga. Steve and I (Vonda) drove. Steve struggled with pain, but in spite of the pain… did most of the driving. We are thankful to Bill and Karen Kimball and their mother in law, Verniece hosting us. We are thankful to Karen for setting up the character program with the local school. We were able to share posters and let the children and their families know that we will be returning to share in the Vacation Bible School program at Taloga Christian Church on July 22 to 24. We encouraged the kids to look at the sign language materials on our website. Some of them returned to ask about our website address. Please pray for these kids and their families and for the summer VBS. We are thankful for Taloga Christian Church as last year we partnered together in VBS and we look forward to our partnership in the gospel this year.

We so enjoyed visiting the Kimballs and Verniece. Verniece is 90 and she taught us to play train dominoes. She was an excellent scorekeeper and of course she won! What a blessing to share with God’s people and to challenge young ones to develop their character. We challenged the kids that good character does not just happen… we have to work at it like good hygiene… You have to brush your teeth or if you don’t…. I showed them “Billy Bob teeth”. I explained to them in the same way…. we need to daily work on our character! It was a JOY to work with such precious children who are eager to do good!

If your school or you know of a school who would benefit from our Character Development program. Please visit our booking page on our website, fill out the form, we would love to share at your school too.

Honor (Hey Mama)

Honor (Hey mama)
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“Honor your father and mother” is one of the ten commandments. We should have respect for our parents, even if it is just that our parents gave us life. God will bless you if you honor your parents. God knows we have hard times with our parents too, but we should always prey for our parents and honor them.

Enjoy this ASL song with Selah and Cloudi. Happy Mother’s Day!:)

22 Signs You Should Know! #4

#4) “Saves/Salvation”

This sign is made by two arms with clamped fists that are pulled outwards, crossing past each other.

saves-1 saves-2This sign of salvation is important because it originates from the idea of two fists tied down together in bondage. You need to know that sign so you can show people what Jesus’ work on the cross came to do – to save all who call on the name of the Lord!

Mothers Day

Mother-s Day
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May, the month of Mothers! How did Mother’s Day get started? Was your mother great? Shhh…! Don’t answer ! 🙂 But if she was not kind and good how can you celebrate? Let’s celebrate sweet Mothers!:) But, Let’s celebrate even if out mother was not nice.

Watch this devotional and find out about Mother’s Day even if your mother was not nice.

Deaf Prison Ministry: Huntsville

prisonIn March of 2015, we went to the Estelle Unit at the prison in Huntsville, TX. There are 100 Deaf prisoners there. We were able to minister to both Deaf and Hearing prisoners in a two hour service. One Deaf prisoner urged us to visit his wife and their Deaf Church in San Antonio. We did have a great visit with his Deaf Church, and we ministered to his wife. Tracy, Jill, and I continue to regularly write a Deaf prisoner who was baptized after the service. We gave them all of our DVDs and plan to minister there next year.

Local Ministry

We have so many things to be thankful for within our local ministry.

Christian Encouragement, Prayer, Bible Teaching, and seeking to help Deaf friends with job placement.

The Bradley Family

bradleyDacie is a high school senior, and she needs to select her college. Please pray for God to guide her with her college choice. We have taught Dacie Bradley to sign. We have trained her to interpret. She signs fluently and helps us interpret regularly. We continue to train her and others to sign and minister with the Deaf. David Bradley is a local minister. All of the Bradleys have helped us in the making of DVDs.

Please pray for our local Deaf friends and for the Bradley family.


RockyPunch left right cross… Boxing! Wow it is quite a sport… actually I hate the whole idea. When I watch a boxing match or boxing movie… I want to scream and tell them “Stop Fighting! Why?? You are going to get hurt!” I have always liked the IDEA of the Rocky movies… that we should train and even if we FEEL like we are not a winner… we should fight for the good! There is a new Rocky movie, but I was busy and did not see all of CREED, but I did see enough of it to scream and be worried about the boxers! This life has “fights” or “troubles” for each of us, whether we have a LOT or a LITTLE, whatever God wants us to do… He will help us!! We need to make sure that what we are doing is what GOD wants us to do, if we are doing what God wants, He will help us get it done! He will help us in our “fights or troubles”. God will help us in the good times and bad times! With God, you CAN DO what He wants to do! Enjoy this ASL devotional on the steps at the art museum in Philly where “Rocky” actually ran.. and ran again in CREED! You CAN DO!

22 Signs You Should Know! #3

#3) “Jesus”

jesusThis sign is made by putting your middle fingers into the palms of each hand.

This sign reminds of the nail prints in His HANDS! We need to learn that sign because we need to bring people to know the love of JESUS, or we have missed God’s point to help people see that Jesus want to be their Savior and their Lord!

Wise Man Rock

Wise Man RockMy old house was built between 1880 and 1890. It is OLD! Over one year ago… we had lightning strike! It hit several places on our home and a nearby tree! God was so good to protect us and our home! The light, sound, and vibrations were SO STRONG! People who live far away said that they heard the sound! Sometimes Storms, the troubles of life hit our lives! How will we keep going? Well watch this fun parable story song… called WISE MAN ROCK! Thanks to Sam White for drawing the fun cartoons! Rocks can be bad like in the game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, the Rock beats the scissors! In life’s storms… there is one ROCK that is so very good…Enjoy this American Sign Language song… and trust the ROCK!

School Character Development

schoolOver the years we have been able to do some character development programs in schools. In 2014, we were able to share a character development with some of the students at the Kansas School for the Deaf in the evening before they went to bed. Two years ago, we talked of doing more, but we have not been able to schedule that yet. Hopefully we can return to KSD and do more in the future. On May 2nd, we will do a character development program at the Taloga Public Schools in Oklahoma. Our goal is to teach about obedience, kindness, ambition, patience, honesty, self-worth unity, forgiveness, and more. This excites us too, because we can make fliers and post them and make the students aware in case they want to come learn how character development is mightily influenced when one has a relationship with Christ. Character Development is needed in our world today. We are thankful for such opportunties and for the opportunity to share about Jesus at the local church activities. Please pray for the youth of Taloga, Ok as we will share there on May 2nd and let them know about our Vacation Bible School program there in the summer. Please also pray for other opportunities in other schools for the Deaf. Holy Hugs!

April 4th : Presentation at Happy Hands

happy-handsIt was such a joy to return to Happy Hands. I was blessed to be one of the people involved in the school in its early days. I remember the founder, Al Proo, talking to me about the vision before it became a reality. I was planning to volunteer a bit right after they first opened their doors, but when I went to get my TB test to be able to work there, they asked me if could be pregnant and I said “I don’t think so, but maybe..” so they took a pregnancy test and found out that I was indeed pregnant! So Happy Hands is so special to me in many ways! For 12 and a half years I had be involved in establishing a Deaf mission work in Tulsa which required much time, but for five and half years of that time, I also drove back and forth from Tulsa to Joplin to teach the Deaf Ministry program at my alma mater, Ozark Christian College. When my daughter became one and half, I realized that it was too difficult to make that drive. With much sorrow, I let Ozark know that I needed to resign. While still working with the Deaf Church, I applied for a position at Happy Hands. God amazingly gave me the lead teacher position there. My sorrow from leaving Ozark was replaced with a joy for teaching at Happy Hands. I left teaching college students and started teaching preschoolers. I love teaching every age. For three and half years, I taught at Happy Hands. One day I realized that I would not be able to make numerous Christian DVDs if I remained at my position at Happy Hands. So once again I had to make a hard choice. I decided that I wanted to help MANY, so I knew that I had to resign to make the videos. Once again a hard choice blessed me to be able tor reach out with Jesus’ love to even MORE. God called me to Ozark. God called me to Happy Hands. I know that God is calling me to reach out now with Expressions of Emmanuel with Video, Outreach, and Writing projects to reach even more.

I learned so much from my experience at Happy Hands. God proved to me that everyone and everything that has breath can praise the Lord. The Lord allowed me to learn to more effectively teach and lead little people to worship at Happy Hands. I remember returning to Happy Hands to volunteer a few months after I resigned. I had been able to teach Deaf children to memorize some praise songs. One VERY ACTIVE little Deaf and seven other Deaf children were in my class that day. The children there knew 25 songs that I had purposely asked God to help me etch into their hearts. Some of the songs were FUN with a simple Biblical truth, while others were passionate worship songs. That day… this VERY active girl began to request songs. She raised her hand as high as she could with eager anticipation. One by one to the fourth song… she picked by memory the most worshipful songs. All eight of the children… 16 little eyeballs were totally watching me as we WORSHIPED the Lord. After the fourth song… I was to teach the Bible lesson. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and just cry in praise to God. Before I started that job, I asked the Lord to help me reach the kids and see that they would love and worship Him. God proved His power to me. He has shown His power to me again and again! God is good. No matter our age, physical ability, we CAN and SHOULD praise the Lord.

Going back to Happy Hands was a sweet. I saw the mighty work of God is continuing to do there. I also was thrilled to keep the kids actively engaged in learning God’s Word, having fun doing it, and worshiping the Lord. It was fun to share one my signature pieces acts… the spiritual lessons of “I know an Old Lady Who swallowed a Fly.” We enjoyed several DVD songs, appearances of Potato Head with tug o’ war teaching that the CHURCH needs to love each other and not fight against each other, as well as a lesson on loving and obeying God with Luna’s dog show, and MORE. The kids were very receptive. It was a joy to return to a dear place of my heart. My heart was overflowing as I was with Expressions of Emmanuel able to share DVDs with the school and the students as well as share a program. My heart is FULL seeing God’s continued ministry there. I am proud of Jan Pride, Drue Kirk, and all the other precious people who keep that ministry vibrant. I was also deeply touched that the mission work of Expressions of Emmanuel has allowed me to continue to reach out to Happy Hands and some many MORE. TO GOD BE THE GLORY as He LEADS and Guides! Holy Hugs!

Be Still

Be StillHurry! Hurry! Hurry! There is SO MUCH to do! God does want us work hard, but God also wants us to rest and be calm and still and trust Him! Last Friday…. I was rushing around doing many things and then I saw three black vultures. The vultures were fighting over a dead armadillo! They fought so hard. One bird would chase the other. One bird would get a small bite and then would be chased away. The birds were so busy fighting that they all left the dead animal and NO ONE ate the armadillo. We as people often hurry and try to take care of everything in our lives and we don’t get quiet and trust God. Yes, we must work, but we also need to let God work in our lives by trusting Him. We need to remember to rest and trust God. He will be praised and lifted up!